I already sent in a confession and you keep sa…

I already sent in a confession and you keep saying to send in confessions and I already did but it hasn't been up yet so I was just curious as to why you're requesting more confessions without uploading the ones that have been sent in? note: I've already been through the rules for the confessions and I haven't violated one so?

that’s funny, because if you read the rules for confessions then you must have looked at the FAQ. If you looked at the FAQ, you would also see this as well, on the same page:

[Q: My submission hasn’t popped up! WHAT’S TAKING SO LONG?!?!?!?!111111!!?!?!

A: Cool your jets, kid. We get a LOT of confessions every day and there’s only so many we can make at a time. Yours may get lost in the shuffle, but it will eventually get posted.

If, by the time the ask box opens, it hasn’t been posted: It’s likely still in the queue.

If after awhile (I’m talking more than a couple of months) it still hasn’t shown up; chances are it’s been done already, it violated the list of confessions we don’t accept anymore (see below) or we just didn’t get it. Sometimes the ask box glitches with the overwhelming submissions we get when the ask box opens up.]

any more questions like this will be automatically deleted. sorry for the curtness everyone, but I run this blog for free in my spare time and this question gets asked every time I open the ask box despite it being explained in the FAQ.