Once I saw Tangled back in 2010, Rapunzel beca…

Once I saw Tangled back in 2010, Rapunzel became my favorite princess because she’s highly creative like me, and the fact I relate to her on a more personal level. It took me two years after high school to be able to start college to pursue my dream. No friends, broke up with my boyfriend, I’ve never felt so trapped and alone in all my life. Even with my family around me. But through strong faith and willpower I could finally leave my tower and find happiness. It’s never too late to begin. Now I’m still living in my tower and will be for the next 3 years until I graduate. I’m patiently waiting for my Flynn Ryder, my Eugene,
my best friend and future  husband to begin my new dream with. And it will be worth it. The key is to have grace like Rapunzel. Grace, patience, and kindness.
And definitely a little adventure outside my comfort zone.