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I was having a rough couple of months and the only thing that would get me off my bedroom floor was Friday nights with my family. Every Friday night we would watch the Mandalorian together no matter what. That show means so much to me it helped me when I was depressed. And now I don’t know if we’ll continue Disney plus nights every Friday until season 2, and it makes me worried what will happen if we stop.

In life I refuse to do some things because the worst possible scenario occurs in my head. I hate it. “When I Am Older’ makes me believe that when I do get older everything will make sense and be better.

I recently rewatched Bedknobs and Broomsticks. And I finally realized, I’m at the age of not believing. I doubt myself, I’m between the made up world and reality, and I’m a castaway. But I’m glad I listened to that song, because it makes me hope that since they made it a song that someone else has heard it and feels the same as me.
And that I’m not alone.

Frozen has always been a movie I hold dear to my heart, mostly because of Anna. When I saw Frozen II, Anna’s worry for things to change reminded me of myself. I struggle with dealing with my parents divorce and a new step family, it feels like I’ve lost the chance to still connect with my parents and often I’m overlooked and blamed for most of our problems. The Next Right Thing has been my go to song whenever I feel depressed and it helps me greatly to sing along.

I sang “Into the Unknown” with a friend I hadn’t talked to in 3 years and we started talking again after that. It was so nice to talk to her again finally after all these years. We’re definitely close now.

I can’t listen to “Into the Unknown” anymore without crying. It used to be my friend and I’s favourite song and we would always sing it together but we got into a big fight and she hates me now. Into the Unknown reminds me of what it used to be like

I’m incredibly influenced by Hèctor. I feel forgotten, just like him. I think about how I want to be kind and brave like he is when I have to serve my abuser and it gets me through the day. He gives me courage that someday I’ll get a happy ending just like he did.

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I know Frozen 2 isn’t considered the ‘best’ film. But I am going through a lot at home, and whenever I have a depressive episode, I always tell myself ‘just focus on doing the next thing, no further’, and hearing the song ‘The Next Right Thing’ made me realize that’s exactly what I need to do again now.

I never realized how much I relate to Cassandra from Tangled: The Series until I watched episode one of the third season. Both of us feel like we’re backups and only are used when someone wants something. I especially realized this after listening to Crossing The Line, and it made me realize that I’m probably gonna snap one day like Cassandra did when she realized that she’s always been put on Rapunzel’s back burner.