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I’m incredibly influenced by Hèctor. I feel forgotten, just like him. I think about how I want to be kind and brave like he is when I have to serve my abuser and it gets me through the day. He gives me courage that someday I’ll get a happy ending just like he did.

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I know Frozen 2 isn’t considered the ‘best’ film. But I am going through a lot at home, and whenever I have a depressive episode, I always tell myself ‘just focus on doing the next thing, no further’, and hearing the song ‘The Next Right Thing’ made me realize that’s exactly what I need to do again now.

I never realized how much I relate to Cassandra from Tangled: The Series until I watched episode one of the third season. Both of us feel like we’re backups and only are used when someone wants something. I especially realized this after listening to Crossing The Line, and it made me realize that I’m probably gonna snap one day like Cassandra did when she realized that she’s always been put on Rapunzel’s back burner.

TRIGGER WARNING-ABUSE: Treasure Planet had a big impact on my life. I was abused by my stepbrother for almost 8 years, they were horrible times and I thought I was a worthless piece of garbage. At the age of 10 men scared me, and while it cost me socializing with the opposite gender, Jim helped me a lot. I felt I identified with him, with his problems and concerns and made me think that not all men are bad and that not everyone wants to hurt me. It really made a difference in my life, and the movie still retains a special place on my heart.

In November I was in the ER for being in a ton of pain. After a few hours of being there I decided to talk to a friend and brought up how excited I was to see Frozen 2. When we went to see it on New Year’s Eve with his mother and my parents I was excited, but after he kept criticizing it then calling it a steaming piece of diarrhea the day after on his social media. It hurt me a lot since it was the only thing I was happy about that day and I enjoyed the movie less because of it.

I’ve always felt I am overlooked and ignored by people who care about my friends more. I am a bit overweight girl with a horrible personality. No matter how hard I work on my weight, and how I try to change, I will never be the perfect girl and the people around me just don’t want to notice my development. Now my funny, amazing friend with the perfect body (who I will never be like) got together with the boy I had a crush on for a long time. Cassandra from Tangled helps me a lot and I can totally relate to her songs Waiting in the Wings and Crossing the Line.

Whenever I need comforting, I watch Thor: Ragnarok. My most recent recovery using the movie was getting my wisdom teeth pulled.

I considered myself straight until the night I met my now wife. It was love at first sight for me and knew I had to be with her. I knew it would cost me a lot, and it did. Let It Go was such an unexpected anthem for me that still brings me comfort. I ended up estranged from my mom and sisters with my marriage being a part of the cause. Elsa’s journey has helped me, but Show Yourself is really painful for me to listen to. The fact that she gets to reconnect with her mom and I don’t is painful, but it makes me focus on the kind of mom I want to be and the family I want to raise. Maybe one day I’ll have my own little Elsa.

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