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All my life I felt like a freak and an outcast. I was bullied to the point I wanted to go far away. But after watching The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, I knew I was not alone. I felt like there was someone out there like me, stronger and prouder of themselves, and it gave me the courage to be myself.

This past year I have been dealing with depression, and it has been very difficult. The only thing that keeps me going is the hope that tomorrow will be a better day given to me by Disney princess movies. Especially The Princess and The Frog.

I cried in theaters when I watched Aladdin this summer. Having my culture represented in such a positive, accurate outlook by western media for once really brought out a lot of emotions in me, and this is what us Arab kids have wanted for the longest time ever. We are gradually getting the recognition we deserve thanks to this movie.

Disney movies, Princesses, and cartoons helped me realize I’m Trans.

The Disney Princesses inspired me into wanting to help people and be a politician. Now I’m pushing thirty and on that path, I worry about my Disney film and boxset collection, plushie collection, Princess doll collection, iTunes songs and frequent trips to Orlando being found out. Although Disney’s popular, it’s not socially acceptable enough and I’m seriously considering selling off my collection.

My mom’s name is Tihana, and she reminds me a lot of Tiana. They both worked two jobs for a long time, they both love to cook and neither of them ever give up. Now that I’m living abroad for school, I sometimes pop in The Princess and the Frog and watch that when I miss her. It helps.

Aladdin helped me get up the courage to ask out a girl I like. I thought she wouldn’t like me back since my family is pretty poor and she’s the richest girl in school, but she does. I guess the movie was right – so long as you can really talk to somebody and hang out and have fun, things like that don’t really matter.

TRIGGER WARNING – SEXUAL ABUSE: I have severe Haphephobia (fear of being touched) due to being a victim of sex trafficking from when I was 6 to when I was 10. I’ve always relied on gloves to help me with the anxiety, but seeing Elsa start to face her anxiety issues in Frozen inspired me to restart therapy and try to get better. Yesterday I didn’t wear my gloves once and I didn’t have a panic attack like I usually do. Elsa means so much to me. If she can get better, maybe I can, too.

My physically and sexually abusive father had Intermittent Explosive Disorder, and a lot of the symptoms of that remind me of how King Triton loses his cool, yells at Ariel and breaks her things. I’m excited for the remake, but I’m worried that if Triton is like that in the live action, it’ll make it impossible for me to watch the same way the animated one is. I know it’s stupid, but when I see him go off at her it brings back too many memories. Maybe they’ll make him different in the remake?

My sister and I call brain freeze “the Elsa” in reference to her kinda giving Anna brainfreeze. (I know, we’re terrible people).