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TRIGGER WARNING-ABUSE: Treasure Planet had a big impact on my life. I was abused by my stepbrother for almost 8 years, they were horrible times and I thought I was a worthless piece of garbage. At the age of 10 men scared me, and while it cost me socializing with the opposite gender, Jim helped me a lot. I felt I identified with him, with his problems and concerns and made me think that not all men are bad and that not everyone wants to hurt me. It really made a difference in my life, and the movie still retains a special place on my heart.

The Rescuers hits an incredibly emotional chord with me. Someone’s Waiting For You and the scene beforehand give me chills. Medusa mocking Penny reminds me all too well of my toxic environment and abusers. Penny’s sadness and want for a home is all too relatable. I want to believe someone is waiting for me too.

When I was little my childhood wasn’t that great. I was getting bullied at school, I was beaten by a family member behind my parents back, and my parents had arguments all the time. The only thing I had to get through was Disney movies. Until one day I got in trouble for something and my punishment was to take away my tv. Hearing that, I begged on my knees from them not do that. You can take away anything, but not the tv and I told them why. My mom agreed, but my dad didn’t wanna hear it.

I know Tangled: The Series isn’t the first to portray trauma in such a beautifully realistic way, but as someone who’s been through child abuse, it’s such a refresher to see Rapunzel’s healing process presented even through a
show of “fun adventures.“ What happened in the tower wasn’t just brushed off because the audience is mainly kids; it was still shown throughout the show and I am here for it.

*TRIGGER WARNING: ABUSE* The scene where
Esmeralda comforts Quasi after the crowd at the Feast of Fools have turned on
him always makes me cry. When I was a kid and the police were finally called on my abusive parents, I
was too beaten up to even walk, and the officer who found me was a beautiful
black woman who looked a lot like Esmeralda. I know how Quasi feels to have one
good person stand up  for him and  what it feels like to not even know how to
react to that kindness.

TRIGGER WARNING- ABUSE: When my father would beat me as I child I’d sit in my closet and hug my Pluto plush and imagine him licking my tears away. Pluto would bark to me and it sounded like he would say “It’s gonna be ok” I take that Pluto plush everywhere with me and I’ve even lost a few relationships cause of it. I don’t care. Pluto is my forever.

TRIGGER WARNING-ABUSE: My mom abused me for as long as I can remember. I loved Winnie the Pooh when I was younger. I’d watch the movie and when Kanga would say “Dear” or give Roo a hug I’d pretend that was for me. Kanga was the mom I wish I had.

(TW: INCEST, ABUSE) I love The Lion King II but I hate that everyone says Kiara & Kovu is incest and it triggers me so badly (especially since they say Kovu isn’t even related to Scar IN THE MOVIE). My friend was a victim of incestual abuse and I’m very protective of her so I get enraged seeing others joke about it.

I live in an abusive household currently, and sometimes whenever things get bad, I find myself singing “God Help The Outcasts” even though I’m not Christian. The song gives me comfort and sometimes it reminds me to pray to whoever’s out there to comfort those who are in circumstances just as or possibly even worse than mine. The song gives me hope that the world isn’t all bad and that kindness still exists somewhere.

Coming from a survivor of child abuse, “Mother Knows Best” doesn’t really bother me and I sometimes sing along to it, but the reprise of it literally terrifies me and brings back a lot of awful memories. I never skip the song in spite of this cause seeing some of the things I was constantly told while growing up being said to Rapunzel comforts me with the fact that I’m not the only one despite how traumatizing the song is for me.