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When I saw the casting for the new Aladdin movie, I was devastated. Although Naomi Scott is a very talented actress, I felt that representation was taken away from Middle Eastern girls. Princess Jasmine was the only Disney Princess who looked like me and who I felt connected to. I felt that that was taken away from me. Indian culture needs to be represented as well, but not by taking it away from another culture.

Aladdin has really change my life for the good, because it showed me that you can do anything you want weather you rich or poor and in the live action version the song Speechless really help me too stand up for myself and for what I believe

I cried in theaters when I watched Aladdin this summer. Having my culture represented in such a positive, accurate outlook by western media for once really brought out a lot of emotions in me, and this is what us Arab kids have wanted for the longest time ever. We are gradually getting the recognition we deserve thanks to this movie.

I really love the Aladdin remake. It was the first time I ever talked anyone in my family into going to a Disney movie with me, and that’s such a precious memory for me. We each had parts we liked and I finally got to talk Disney with them without them telling me to shut up. I’ll never forget how magical it felt to have a normal family moment. Disney makes dreams come true.

I’ve always loved the Aladdin trilogy, but as I’ve started to more seriously connect with my own Middle Eastern heritage (I’m half-Iranian, through my dad), it has come to irk me that the films are so deeply rooted in outdated stereotypes of the region and its cultures. Having said this, if I ever get hired by Walt Disney Animation Studios (which I hope will happen someday), I intend to direct a movie that shows people the true nature of the Near Eastern/North African world.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always watched every single bonus feature of Disney movies (deleted scenes, songs, behind the scenes, audio commentary, etc.) and I always got so much more immersed in the world that way. Chimpanzoo from Mary Poppins and Proud of Your Boy from Aladdin were two of my favorite songs. In fact, one DVD from years ago had a mock set of a Disney ride for The Little Mermaid. When the ride opened, I noticed it had some elements of the bonus feature from my childhood DVD. It was pretty cool to feel like I had been in the know since I was a kid.

TRIGGER WARNING-SEXUAL ABUSE: The song Speechless from the new live action Aladdin film was so inspiring for me as a sexual abuse survivor. It taught me that I should have a say in what happens to my body. I found this song so powerful and it really touched me in a way no other Disney song has.

For a long time I’ve had problems telling people my real feelings. I’m afraid to rock the boat or hurt someone’s feelings, so I stay quiet. But after watching the live-action Aladdin and hearing Speechless it’s become my life song. I now
admire Jasmine because she doesn’t let anyone keep her quiet.

The new Aladdin has made me so happy lately. I’ve seen it 6 times now and every time I see it the magic comes flooding back. It doesn’t matter whether I’ve had good things happen or bad things as soon as I hear Will Smith singing everything is forgotten and a whole new world welcomes me home.

I have a deep, emotional attachment to Genie, so watching the end of “Return of Jafar” is incredibly painful and, to an extent, heartbreaking for me.