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Frozen has always been a movie I hold dear to my heart, mostly because of Anna. When I saw Frozen II, Anna’s worry for things to change reminded me of myself. I struggle with dealing with my parents divorce and a new step family, it feels like I’ve lost the chance to still connect with my parents and often I’m overlooked and blamed for most of our problems. The Next Right Thing has been my go to song whenever I feel depressed and it helps me greatly to sing along.

In November I was in the ER for being in a ton of pain. After a few hours of being there I decided to talk to a friend and brought up how excited I was to see Frozen 2. When we went to see it on New Year’s Eve with his mother and my parents I was excited, but after he kept criticizing it then calling it a steaming piece of diarrhea the day after on his social media. It hurt me a lot since it was the only thing I was happy about that day and I enjoyed the movie less because of it.

The movie Frozen and it’s short films made me realize just how much I want a sister. I love the bond that Elsa and Anna have and I hope one day I can find my own sister and have a connection like that.

I didn’t really get to socialize much as a kid so I didn’t know how to act in situations. I felt like I didn’t have a personality at all. So I would base most of my personality traits on Disney Characters. I would smile in a big goofy grin like Sora. I would scream like Snow White when I was scared. I would laugh at my own jokes like King Fergus, and I would be Clumsy like Anna, and dance like Rapunzel. I would be curious like Ariel. It helped me make friends and feel human like I was a person.


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Even though Frozen 2 has it’s flaws, it made me realize how much I relate to Anna. I have separation anxiety as well, and lately I’ve felt like I don’t matter in my family, that I’m just a spare. I’m a little naive and I had to grow up fast. Seeing Anna become Queen at the end literally made me sob. She’s finally getting what she deserves, and maybe I will too.

The sister bond between Anna and Elsa has become so personal to me over the years. I feel the love and joy and sadness between Anna and Elsa just like I do my two older sisters. Seeing Disney movies in theaters together has been one of the biggest things that strengthened our bond since our parents divorce and while I never liked Frozen too much, I’m tempted to buy some merch and see if we can plan a Disney trip together.

I’ve been a fan of Frozen since the first movie but Frozen 2 is for sure my favorite and that’s because I relate to what’s happening to the characters. I have almost finished my years at high school and all my friends who actually became a new family for me are getting separated, including my best friend. But seeing Anna and Elsa getting their own paths and still being able to hang out with each other and having this special bond between them no matter the distance, gives me hope that we will be able to stay in touch with each other

Disney was half my childhood, half of anyone’s childhood, really. After watching the films I would draw all sorts of characters and fantasize about it for weeks and months. As art was one of the only things I enjoy next to reading and maths, I wanted to pursue a job in that field (and everyone egged me on cause they said I’m good) but my father always said art was pretty useless and that got to me. Leonardo Da Vinci only became famous after he passed. What good does that bring? So I denied everything and thought maybe I’d be a lawyer. But watching Frozen II made me realize that I kinda want to be an animator for Disney when I grow up. It might not make enough money like my dad said but I don’t really mind anymore. I bought a lot of Disney concept art books to read. I hope that when I grow up (which is still quite a bit of time from now), I will be able to recognize this dream, or at least be thankful that Disney has given me so much inspiration and happiness

This might sound silly, but I’m emotionally attached to the Frozen franchise. When it came out when I was a freshman in high school, every adult around me would mention college and I had no idea what I was going to do when I grew up. But I remember watching Frozen for the first time and getting emotional because it made me realize that my dream is to work in the animation industry. Ever since then, it feels like everything frozen related comes out at the perfect time for whatever’s going on in my life.