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I didn’t really get to socialize much as a kid so I didn’t know how to act in situations. I felt like I didn’t have a personality at all. So I would base most of my personality traits on Disney Characters. I would smile in a big goofy grin like Sora. I would scream like Snow White when I was scared. I would laugh at my own jokes like King Fergus, and I would be Clumsy like Anna, and dance like Rapunzel. I would be curious like Ariel. It helped me make friends and feel human like I was a person.

I’m autistic and didn’t talk until I was 3, and for obvious reasons The Little Mermaid was my favorite movie ever. Having a main character who couldn’t speak for, like, half the movie, and did just fine? And got to be where the people are? Revolutionary. Also everything about Part Of Your World gives me chills because that’s exactly what my life has been like since I can remember

It annoys me that Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” gets called a selfish brat for having to make a deal with a witch to get what she wants when Merida from “Brave” did the same thing and no one complains about it. I think there seems to be a double standard since Ariel is a girly-girl while Merida is a tomboy. If you’re gonna complain about a character’s actions, at least keep them consistent. Disney Set Of 4 Princess Sheet Face Masks Collection from Mad Beauty: Home & Kitchen:

Give yourself the royal treatment with these face masks…pick your favorite princess! I would pick Ariel or Jasmine. Who would you pick?

My physically and sexually abusive father had Intermittent Explosive Disorder, and a lot of the symptoms of that remind me of how King Triton loses his cool, yells at Ariel and breaks her things. I’m excited for the remake, but I’m worried that if Triton is like that in the live action, it’ll make it impossible for me to watch the same way the animated one is. I know it’s stupid, but when I see him go off at her it brings back too many memories. Maybe they’ll make him different in the remake?

I pretend to be a princess at work. My boss is a horrible woman who preys on people weaker than her. She yells and screams about every little thing. I like imagine what Cinderella or Snow White or Ariel would do if they were in a situation like that. I end up smiling at her and singing little songs while I work. I won’t let her bother me.

 I love to watch The Little Mermaid to help me relax. I relate to Ariel a lot because we both have a very overprotective father who cares for us. Ariel looks exactly like her mother, Queen Athena, and people also say I look exactly like my mom. Ariel will always be my favorite Disney character ever because she taught me to be empowered, independent, and to not be afraid of being too adventurous! 

Recently I can’t watch The Little Mermaid without crying. I’m in a long distance relationship and when Ariel saves Eric and she says “What would I give to live where you are? What would I pay to stay here beside you?” I just break down in tears. I can feel that heartache in her voice

Disney has been the backbone to my entire life. The very first movie I ever watched was Monsters Inc., The first movie I ever cried at was Tangled. I marveled at the animation in Up, and played the Ratatouille soundtrack over and over. Whenever I’m panicking or anxious or just scared at how fast life is going
I wonder what Ariel or Belle or Jasmine would do. I’m now heading into my first year of college to pursue animation. I want to give other kids the same amount of inspiration and motivation these movies gave me as a child. So thanks Disney and Pixar for everything you do, and hopefully I’ll be helping you someday make movies for kids to love for generations to come.

I once made the mistake of telling someone I didn’t like that Ariel didn’t seem to care about the creatures Ursula killed to make her potions or the crabs Eric and Grimsby were going to eat. Being a huge fan or Ariel that person then flipped out on me and now I have a really hard time liking Ariel anymore because of that person