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I’m asexual, and my parents don’t accept the fact that I’m LGBTQ+. Merida really helped me discover my sexuality, because I always knew that I never want to marry or have kids and when Merida came and didn’t have a love interest, that was beautiful. Now I just hope that my parents will be like Merida’s and come to terms with how I’m a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and how they should deal with it.

I love Merida so much, for me she is the aroace icon I never had growing up and she is so special to me because of it.

I like to think that Elsa is asexual like me. Although it would be cool to give Elsa a girlfriend, I kind of hope they will keep her single 

i headcanon jasmine and belle as demisexual but im afraid i might get hate for it since i dont know how accepting the community at large is of asexual headcanons

“As a female asexual/arromantic, I was really happy after watching Moana. I know that there has been other Disney flicks that haven’t feature any romance, but at a time when I am indivisive about who I am, Moana came out at the right time and encouraged me by saying yes, a young woman can concern herself with other things and be happy all the same.


personally headcanon a lot of Disney characters as asexual (but still romantic), largely because many of them aren’t written as if they experience sexual attraction, just romantic love. I therefore feel a bit uncomfortable when I see NSFW art featuring Disney characters.”

“I’m bisexual, and I’m tired of people calling me homophobic because I
don’t follow the “Elsa is gay” headcanon. I personally headcanon her as
asexual and aromatic. What’s wrong with that?’

“I would be very upset if Elsa was made asexual. First because Disney has always been upfront about this kind of thing. Making it happen now would be forced and I don’t need to be pandered to. More importantly the stereotype that asexuality comes from depression is already frustrating enough. I wouldn’t want a group that has the kind of influence Disney has enforcing that. Let Elsa just be Elsa. I’m sure the writers would have amazing plans for her already.“