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I’d love to know the mods and the follow…

I’d love to know the mods and the followers’ favorite, non-canon at least, if not unpopular, Disney pairings that they ship. Sorry if this doesn’t count as a confession..! I’m trying to find if anyone ships the one I do but I’m still too nervous to tell anyone.

Jen: Rapunzel & Milo, Aladdin & Ariel, Tiana & Belle, Eric & Naveen, Audrey Ramirez & Jim Hawkins, Cinderella & Phillip, Kida & Pocahontas, Shang & Phoebus….

Is it okay to make Fox-related confessions on …

Is it okay to make Fox-related confessions on this blog considering Disney owns Fox now?

No. Definitely not any past Fox media. If Disney becomes heavily involved in something that Fox produces now, then yes. Just like we try not to take any Star Wars confessions of the older films, only the new ones. 

Hi! I wasn’t sure if you were answering …

Hi! I wasn’t sure if you were answering questions or if you’ve answered a question like this before, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask. So I’m a girl and I’m tall, like 5’9”-5’10”. My dream has always been to be one of the princesses at the parks, with my height is that even possible? Or are there other characters for tall people haha

Hi there! 

It never hurts to ask 🙂 

So the princesses’ heights tend to finish at 5′7″ (except for Tiana who goes to 5′8″). Sometimes there are exceptions, but you may be stretching that range a little.

But there are plenty of other characters for tall people! Esmerelda, although a rare character, goes up to 5′10″. And you are the perfect height for villains! Which is awesome because they seem so much fun to portray. Female villains’ height range is 5′6″- 5′10″ and would include Cruella de Vil, the Evil Queen, Maleficent, Lady Tremaine and Anastasia and Drizella as well! 

Auditions for these characters tend to be frequent a couple of months before Halloween (August/September) and can be found on the audition calendar here. As well, Disneyland Paris and the Asian parks (Tokyo, Shanghai & Hong Kong) cast all characters at the same time and ask for all height ranges during their character performer/character lookalike auditions. 

Also, most parks often look for taller people to be their ‘character performers’ (fur characters) which is another great way to be a part of the magic, or at least get your foot in the door of Disney entertainment.

Hope this helps you and best of luck chasing your dream! Have a magical day 🙂 x

Hey so I was just wondering. I have freckles, …

Hey so I was just wondering. I have freckles, they are pretty light and subtle, but I am not sure if they would completely be covered up by make up… I have never tried before. Is it like a complete deal breaker for me to have freckles or do some characters have them?

Hi there!

There are actually characters that freckles can work for, like Ariel or Anna. And if you look the part, casting has in the past overlooked light freckles, which you can see when characters such as Ariel sometimes have freckles. 

As well, if they’re that light, they will probably be covered by foundation. The characters tend to wear full coverage, stage makeup, which they’re taught to apply, and that would probably cover your freckles.

So don’t be too freaked out! It’s not a total deal breaker, and it could work in your favour anyway!

Best of luck and I’m so sorry this answer has come so late; I hope it could help lots of others who are concerned over freckles. Have a magical day! 🙂 x

So I know becuase of my height (I'm aroun…

So I know becuase of my height (I'm around 5'0 and 5'1) I would only be able to characters like alice, wendy, tink, and periwinkle which I'm very happy with. However, I have more muscular thighs from playing field hockey so they are sightly on the bigger side and my hips are a little wide and since Alice and Wendy are both supposed to be children I was wondering if you think this could affect my chances of being cast as them?

Hi there! 

It’s hard to say without seeing you, but if you look at photos of Alice and Wendy, their dresses tend to be quite loose around their hips and thighs, so you could find that the costume would cover those awesomely strong legs of yours.

I would suggest being thoughtful when you dress for the auditions, maybe wearing a little skirt over some leggings or darker colours to show the auditioners that you could pass for a child in the parks.

Best of luck and I’m sorry this response has come so late! Have a magical day 🙂 x

Can you post Elena pictures please! I love her…

Can you post Elena pictures please! I love her! I feel like nobody post pictures of her. I once passed by elena at disney california and her location was beautiful and she looked so pretty

Another Elena lover!! I agree; she’s awesome and her dress is so, so beautiful 🙂

I’ve queued some Elena posts for you especially. While you’re waiting, check out my Elena tag for some gorgeous photos.

Thanks for the ask and have a magical day! 🙂 x

Do you have a new masterpost for character ana…

Do you have a new masterpost for character analyses? The one I have saved only has a few princesses. They are super helpful and I'd love one for every princess! 🙂

Hi there!

I’m so sorry this is coming so late, but I plan on doing a few more character analysis and will get to a masterpost soon, I promise.

For now, I tag all the character analysis posts, so you can find them here 🙂

Thanks for the interest! It’s nice to know people appreciate them, they take some time to get together. Sorry again for the delay!

Have a magical day 🙂 x

What are your favorite Disney films from each …

What are your favorite Disney films from each era?

MJ: The golden age – Peter Pan. The dark age – The Aristocats. Renaissance – Beauty and the Beast. Post-Renaissance – Home on the Range (purely for nostalgic memories associated with it. I know it’s a terrible movie). Revival – The Princess and the Frog.

Jen: The Golden Age: Bambi
The Wartime/Package Era:The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
Silver Age: 101 Dalmatians
The Bronze Age: The Aristocats
Renaissance: The Little Mermaid
Post Renaissance: Treasure Planet
Revival Era: Wreck-it Ralph

Whose your least favorite Disney couple?

Whose your least favorite Disney couple?

Jen: Medusa and Mr. Snoops

MJ: Rapunzel and Flynn, but that’s because I’m just not really a fan of Tangled in general

If you could erase one animated film from disneys history, what would it be?

Jen: Oh man…Chicken Little.

MJ: The Black Cauldron, Disney’s basically erased it anyways