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To the mods: Do you have a favorite "unde…

To the mods: Do you have a favorite "underrated" movie?

Jen: I think the less popular Disney movies are usually less popular for a reason, but one of my top 3 favorite Disney movies is Treasure Planet, which definitely has its flaws but it hits close to home for me personally and I LOVE that they set it in space. 

Mods who is your favorite Disney girl(s) that&…

Mods who is your favorite Disney girl(s) that's not in the official Princess lineup?

Nani <3 Also, I love Kida and Audrey Ramirez as well. 

There’s also Lady Kluck and every female in the Aristocats 🙂 Disney women are great!

Dear &quot;disney-facecharacters&quot; First o…

Dear "disney-facecharacters" First of all, love your page! I'm a huge Disney fan – so much so I'm auditioning for Paris to be a face character in a couple of weeks time. I've always been told I look like Snow White and they're casting for her. Is there anything they're specifically looking for in girls to play Snow White i.e. facial features, characteristics etc? Do you have any tips for the animation part of the audition, I can never find answers! It would mean a lot if you answer! Thank you!

Hi there! 

Thank you so much for the love!

I’m sooooo sorry that this answer is coming so so late; obviously you’ve already gone to your audition and I’m hoping it went really well for you! <3 But I thought I’d answer this ask anyway to thank you for the message and also to help out anyone else who have the same question 🙂

Snow White features:

  • 5’3”-5’7”
  • According to the audition page info they’re looking for “slender build and outgoing personalities. No visible tattoos”
  • Heart-shaped/round face
  • Small nose
  • Pale skin
  • Large eyes 


  • If you’re auditioning for one of the Asian parks (Shanghai, Hong Kong or Tokyo) they prioritise dance ability; it’s always the first round and the people who perform best there are the ones who often move forward (see my review on a Hong Kong Disneyland audition for more of an idea on these parks).
  • If you’re auditioning for one of the other parks they usually ask for someone who can ‘move well’ which basically is asking for gracefulness rather than dance ability. If you’ve seen Snow (or any of the classic princesses) around the parks you know that she moves very lightly and gracefully; emulate that in the audition. Have good posture, keep your head proud and high, lots of smiles, and move with grace and purpose 
  • For the animation part of the audition, they play upbeat Disney music and teach the group the routine a couple of times before dividing you into smaller groups. They tend to have the same routine,:
    • Come forward as a coyboy/cowgirl for 8 counts
    • Walk in a circle as a pirate for 8 counts
    • On the spot as a dwarf for 8 counts
    • Walk to the left as a villain and pose for 3 counts
    • Walk to the right as another villain and pose for 3 counts
    • Curtsey or bow on the spot as a princess/prince for 8 counts 
    • Exit “as yourself” (waving and skipping excitedly) for 8 counts
  • I would practice this routine at home in a few different ways so you can get into the mindset of characters. Casting is looking for exaggerated, clear characters – that’s what stands out. Focus on making your movements clear and your character obvious. Make sure to keep it simple; if you do too much it gets confusing and the character is lost 
  • If you mess up; roll with it. There are plenty of characters that stuffed up their audition, but because they kept going it worked out; whether you act like nothing happens, or incorporate it into the animation, being able to bounce back is something casting really admire and look for
  • Don’t be afraid to stand in the front and make yourself seen at first; it shows confidence and you’ll get a better view of the choreographer which is only an advantage
  • When casting asks you to stand while they look at you; smile at them, appear friendly and excited to be there, but also professional enough to be someone they can hire. Strike the right balance!
  • Act confident and you’ll feel more confident. The best advice I can give is to put yourself out there and make friends; other people are looking for support as well, find the others who may be by themselves or join your own big group and make some friends along the way! It makes it so much easier to do the animation; you feel less silly, and there’s someone to give you a hug no matter what way the audition goes
  • Finally, always be gracious; don’t look sulky if you don’t get through, smile for the others and nod, thank casting if you can, and leave with your dignity intact. Casting can often be the same people each time; the last thing you want to do is put a blemish on your reputation 

I hope your audition went well and that this advice helps anyone who is worrying about their auditions – just do your best and have a good time 🙂

Thanks again for the love and have a magical day! 🙂 x

When you tag and put &ldquo;by (whoever)&rdquo…

When you tag and put “by (whoever)” Why is it sometimes the photographer and sometimes the performer? That performer did not take those photos, technically they are not “by” her

Hi there! 

99% of the time it’s the photographer the post is linking to to make sure the photo is properly sourced. I think it was only that one instagram account that is friends with some characters (where in each post the photographer is credited). To be honest I just didn’t change it because I’ve always written ‘by’ and didn’t even think about it ahaha! Sorry if this is bugging you; I’ve had this blog for about 4 years now and some things just come automatically.

Have a magical day! 🙂 

What do you guys think of the WIR2 princess de…

What do you guys think of the WIR2 princess designs?

it’s just a cash grab to me but I would be lying if I said I didn’t get excited for most any incarnation of the princesses together

What upcoming Disney movie are you looking for…

What upcoming Disney movie are you looking forward to the most?

Ummm maybe Aladdin or Mulan. It looks like they’re going a different direction than the original animated movie with those and I like that. Don’t really like when they just carbon copy the original, I like when they do a fresh take, like with The Jungle Book 🙂

What're the mods thoughts on the Disney f…

What're the mods thoughts on the Disney fox merger/deal??

 I’m glad Homer Simpson can finally be part of the Disney Princess lineup

which face character would you kiss?

which face character would you kiss?

Um, you mean with their consent? still probably none of them tbh I don’t want to kiss someone I don’t really know. sorry if that’s a buzzkill lol

Happy Pride month to Mods and I hope they&#039…

Happy Pride month to Mods and I hope they're having a good day.

🌈 HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🌈

For the mods what is your favorite Disney movi…

For the mods what is your favorite Disney movie from the dark era (1970-1988)?

 The Aristocats:)