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I’ve always felt insecure about my autism which also made me socially insecure and would sometimes refuse to do social events because of this. Like Elsa, I lock myself away in my room from my family. But hearing Let It Go encouraged me to embrace my disability and be confident with my “powers.” This is why I not only relate to Elsa but also why she is my favorite Disney princess.

Disney is what made me come out of my autistic shell. When I was a toddler, I couldn’t speak independently; just parrot what other people said. Then, when I was two, my family and I went to see the animated “Beauty and the Beast.” When it was over, I pointed at the screen and said, "I like that.” My mom was so happy to hear me say something original, she cried. Disney has helped me out in so many ways during my life; I am forever grateful for that first moment.

I’m autistic and didn’t talk until I was 3, and for obvious reasons The Little Mermaid was my favorite movie ever. Having a main character who couldn’t speak for, like, half the movie, and did just fine? And got to be where the people are? Revolutionary. Also everything about Part Of Your World gives me chills because that’s exactly what my life has been like since I can remember

I’m autistic and I’m constantly speaking in quotes from other people and it annoys everyone. When I saw Disney’s A Wrinkle In Time, I saw myself for the first time in Mrs. Who, who also spoke in quotes from other people. It was a very empowering and validating experience.

My younger brother has autism and an intense love for Disney and always wanted to visit the parks. My parents did all the research and took all precautions to take us to Disney World, but he had a major meltdown the minute after we entered Magic Kingdom and we had to leave. He keeps talking about going back to Disney and I tell him someday, but I really want to yell at him that we’ll never go back because of him and our parents don’t want to waste anymore money on a vacation that will fail.

I’m sad that Disney is not making as many Tsum Tsums anymore. I’m autistic and stimming my Tsum Tsums helps a LOT. But a lot of my Tsums are squashed flat and discolored. I’ve tried finding replacements but most of my favorite characters are no longer on sale or the seller wants too much money.

The scene when Hector gently tries to calm Miguel down in the cenote really touches me. I have autism and am prone to meltdowns. One time I had a really bad one, and my dad was scolding at me to stop, which made it worse. I wish I could have one Hector’s comforting hugs when I have a meltdown.

I’m almost 24 now and still having trouble with the adult world between my autism and chronic health issues, and trying to make it in an unusual job. There’s a lot of pressure on me right now, and while Disney is one of my ways of coping, stuff about keeping childhood magic like Peter Pan or chasing your dreams like Princess & The Frog or Zootopia have me crying. It’s like the stress is getting to me or feels like I’m really far away from succeeding like they did.

I have autism and like to headcanon some characters as autistic, mostly ones I relate to the most. One of the ones I relate to the most is Lilo. I was a lot like Lilo as a kid; I didn’t have any friends because I was seen as a freak, I liked stuff that was “different” and I was the oddball of my family. I stopped thinking she was autistic when I saw a post on tumblr talking about how just because she was different didn’t mean she had autism and that it’s wrong headcanoning characters as autistic

I used to think Nick overreacted at Judy during the conference scene, but that changed late last year. My grandparents told me that I seemed smarter than most autistic people, being autistic myself. They laughed it off and said it was intended to be a compliment, but, secretly, I was deeply offended by it. I can now relate to Nick’s anger at Judy’s statement that he’s not like other predators.