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Belle is the only princess that looks and acts like me. I have hazel eyes, brown hair, and pale skin. I love to read and I focus on personality over looks. I want to start cosplaying this year, and after realizing I have enough things to do Belle’s blue dress, I went straight to work! It’s not the most accurate cosplay, but I am so full of glee that I get to dress up as my childhood princess! In fact, I am wearing the full cosplay just as I’m typing this, makeup and all. I just feel so happy that this cosplay made my love for Belle grow immensely!

I know that Beauty and the Beast is a beautiful movie but I hate it. It reminds me too much of my dad when I am watching the Beast yell at Belle. I get terrified whenever I am watching it or hearing its name Disney Set Of 4 Princess Sheet Face Masks Collection from Mad Beauty: Home & Kitchen:

Give yourself the royal treatment with these face masks…pick your favorite princess! I would pick Ariel or Jasmine. Who would you pick?

Disney has been the backbone to my entire life. The very first movie I ever watched was Monsters Inc., The first movie I ever cried at was Tangled. I marveled at the animation in Up, and played the Ratatouille soundtrack over and over. Whenever I’m panicking or anxious or just scared at how fast life is going
I wonder what Ariel or Belle or Jasmine would do. I’m now heading into my first year of college to pursue animation. I want to give other kids the same amount of inspiration and motivation these movies gave me as a child. So thanks Disney and Pixar for everything you do, and hopefully I’ll be helping you someday make movies for kids to love for generations to come.

I relate a lot with Tiana and Belle in that I prioritize working hard, especially on my education, bettering myself with learning and books and accomplishing my dreams over dating and nurturing a romantic relationship. I still desperately want to fall in love and get married, but I have only been on 2 dates in my entire life. Tiana and Belle give me hope that one day I can still have that if I’m patient and “dig a little deeper” without losing sight of what is important to me.

Out of all the fathers in Disney movies, Maurice from Beauty and the Beast reminds me of my own dad the most. I can’t really explain it, but even when I was little I felt a sort of responsibility to look after him and make sure he was okay emotionally after my parents’ divorce, and when my mom and stepdad would say bad things about him to me, it hurt deeply. The scene in BatB where Belle takes her father’s place & the Beast proceeds to separate them is difficult for me to watch.

Belle has been my favourite princess for as long as I can remember. I come from a small southern town with a poor literacy rate, so just knowing that someone, even an animated character, loved books as much as I do, it comforted me so much and still much. My favourite line in any Disney movie will always be, “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere…”

I used to love beauty and the Beast because people told me I looked and sounded like Belle. But then I was in the stage production of it and I wasn’t Belle. Now I can’t stand anything about it because the person who played Belle was super mean and ruined the character for me.

Although my parents compare me to Belle, Jasmine has always been my favorite princess. Mostly because I relate to her a lot. In terms of always being made to stay at home by an overprotective parent. When I was younger, though, my older cousin (to whom I was really close) and I were choosing who we wanted “to be” and I chose Jasmine. My cousin refused to let me “be” Jasmine because she wanted to be her. I was too timid to challenge her back then, but now Jasmine has inspired me to be more confident and not just accept everything that others tell me to do.

When I was a kid, I loved Belle so much!  She had brown hair, hazel eyes, and loved books, just like me.  I identified with her.

But when I saw the 2017 version, and I saw the insanely beautiful Emma Watson, I felt depressed.  I know Belle is supposed to be hot, but seeing a live person with that kind of Beauty felt like Hollywood was saying, “Never forget that you’re not pretty enough to be Belle.  Only beautiful people get to be in the fairytale.”

All through my adulthood, I’ve liked boys, and even asked them out. But they’ve rejected me, or didn’t notice I existed. I was just that funny, brainy girl. And an already corrupted self image became worse.  I don’t feel like Belle, now. I feel like the Beast.