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In lieu of a MedicAlert tag, my best friend made me a neat plastic medical alert card case for my records in the shape & color of the green chip Tadashi used for Baymax. I’m so fond of the gift that she’s making a spare. And it takes away some of the grief my illnesses have given me.

My aunt & uncle became upset after I bought my younger cousin a Big Hero 6 set of figurines since she idolizes Tadashi Hamada. My aunt and uncle’s logic is that my cousin should have “girly” Disney toys and BH6 “is for boys.” They trashed her figures, but I bought her a cap like Tadashi’s for her field trip to the zoo. Her parents allowed it for sun protection. My cousin and I call it “her Big Hero 6 contraband hat.”

I am not naturally a people person due to how much I was bullied by other girls as a kid, but seeing friendships like Ralph and Vanellope’s, Mike and Sully, and even Hiro and Baymax makes me strive to be a better friend to the few that I have.

I watched BH6 again after 2 years and I bawled my eyes out when Baymax told Hiro “It’s okay to cry. Crying is a natural response to pain.” I’ve always struggled to keep friends because I’m so sensitive and melancholic, and plus, I get yelled at for being emotional at home so the only place I can truly be myself is within the solitude of my own room. It’s just so comforting to hear Baymax say that it is okay to cry, that there is nothing wrong with me. People like me need to hear that.

Seeing the clip of young Hiro and Tadashi make a mess of a snow machine in “The Present” gave me heartache. I used to pull similar hijinks with my own brother but our relationship has gone to hell since our parents died in an accident. I wish we could be as close as Tadashi and Hiro.

I bought a Wasabi necklace from Etsy, and I’ve worn it everyday since I first received it. I feel better having my new favorite Disney character close to me at all times. I also carry a Wasabi Tsum Tsum (casual outfit) everywhere. The character gives me comfort when I’m sad, angry, or stressed. I’m so grateful for him.

I invested in a giant Baymax plush/pillow/bed made with sherpa. It made me feel comfortable and warm. Now my kitten sleeps on it, and I don’t have the heart to pull him off Baymax.

Seeing Tadashi build Baymax in his lab inspires me to go after my dreams no matter how many times I fall short

For College Shirt Day at my school, I wear a San Fransokyo Institute of Tech Robotics tee shirt. Only a handful of people asked about it and I love seeing their reactions when told it’s a fictional school.

I always have a hard time sleeping at night due to my depression. The only thing that makes me fall asleep peacefully is holding my Baymax plush and listening to instrumental Disney music.