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I really, really love the movies Cars and Cars 2. I can relate to Mater in the second one because he is hated and called an idiot, but the lesson is not to judge a book by its cover. I love the soundtrack from the movies and listen to it a lot, but my friends think I’m “obsessed” with Cars, and that makes me feel insecure about liking it. I just like to remember all that Mater went through, carving his own place in the shadow of his best friend, who he is still loyal too. Even his movie Cars 2 is hated, but I love it. I went to Disneyland last year and got to go to Carsland. It was amazing to see Radiator Springs and other Cars fans. I actually got to meet Mater!

The movie was a far cry from Pixar’s best, but I really loved how Doc Hudson had pictures of Lightning hanging up in his garage. My grandfather and I were never that close until I showed an interest in art, which happened to also be a passion of his. A few years ago I discovered that every drawing, painting and sketch I had ever sent him is hanging up in his art studio, which really helped me to stay inspired to make every piece of art I send him better than the last.

Driving makes me really, really uncomfortable. I have to often force myself to do it and have been fighting to overcome that. I recently made a compilation of score and songs from the Cars movies – which hold a dear place in my Disney heart – and surprisingly, it seems to be helping. I love how those stories paint the road in such a welcoming light and make it a little less scary. Here’s to someday kicking this fear in the trunk!

When people talk negatively about the Cars franchise I get really irritated. I think most people just say bad things about it because it’s the cool thing to do. It holds a special place in my heart because my little brothers were born around the release, and I used to sing to them and hold them during “When You Find Yourself” at the end credits.

I had such an obsession with Cars. I was in jr high, and alone. I was poking around the internet, and I found a forum site dedicated to Cars. There, I learned about fandoms, made friends, and finally felt accepted for the first time. I cried when they opened Cars Land at California Adventure. Even though I’ve moved on from the fandom, I still love the feeling of walking down “route 66”, seeing the lights, businesses, and everything. (Also, I own at the trivia games they sometimes play!) 😉 


I know the Cars franchise gets some backlash, but I have a close connection with it, especially the 3rd film. It came out during a sad time where I lost 2 close family members. The scene where Smokey shows McQueen Doc’s letters reminds me one of my passed family members, my grandfather, who we had a loving relationship. It made me cry so hard in the theaters. The 1st & 3rd film just reminds me of home & where my family is. Every time I see Doc, I see my grandfather. The scene gets me to this day. 

My father was always very negative about my love for Disney, and the only times he showed that he liked it was when watching Pixar movies like Cars, Ratatouille and The Incredibles. I went to Disneyland a couple of weeks ago and bought him a Cars pin as a souvenir. I was kinda worried that he would find it childish, but he loved it and even wore it on his suit at Christmas!

I will never understand the hate the Cars movies get. I know boys and girl who love them, and not everything has to be geared for all ages. 

Cars is my favorite Pixar movie. I’ve always been interested in actual cars, especially vintage and old ones, with my dream car being a red 1969 Monaro GTS. It bugs me so much when people say it’s the worst Pixar movie. And it bugs me that in the Australian version of Cars 2, they got a Ford driver instead of a Holden one. I would have loved to have seen a Holden car in the movies, but they chose to get a boring Ford instead.