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I’m incredibly influenced by Hèctor. I feel forgotten, just like him. I think about how I want to be kind and brave like he is when I have to serve my abuser and it gets me through the day. He gives me courage that someday I’ll get a happy ending just like he did.

My stepdad died in May and him, my mom, my half-brother, and I would always watch Coco together. I remember visiting my mom this summer and now, my little brother refuses to watch the movie anymore, let alone, any other Disney film. It makes me sad, but I know it’s just how he’s coping since he doesn’t want to be reminded of his dad whenever he sees Hector on the screen.

The end of Coco made me cry more than any other Disney movie. When I was 7, I lost my grandmother and the only memories of her I have are pictures. Seeing Coco suffer from Alzheimers/ Dementia made me think of how my grandmother was bedridden and I miss her so much

My Grandma died a few months ago and because of that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to watch Moana or CoCo again, since both movies have Grandmothers in them that pass away. It’s really sad because I love both movies so much, but watching them now would just be too hard.

I didn’t watch Coco when it first came out. When it did though, it was right around the time that my great-grandma started really being impacted by dementia. We all knew that she wouldn’t be living for much longer, and by the time I watched Coco, it was right after she passed away. It was the first time a movie legitimately made me cry. The hardest part was that Grandma Coco did remember, but mine didn’t. I don’t know if I could make it through watching it again because of how hard it was.

Although my family doesn’t like the movie Coco, I see the Rivera family as a representation of how we are as a unit. I had to spend nearly every weekend
with my family while my grandmother was dying. But instead of being sad, we laughed and told stories about how she impacted our lives and I imagine that’s how the Riveras celebrated Mama Coco’s life. It’s also kind of nice how a Mexican family and a WASP family from the midwest can share so much in common regardless of background.

I want to watch CoCo, but I’m really scared to because I know that this film is about a little boy who played guitar when his parents don’t approve. I always wanted to play guitar never did in my childhood and my family didn’t support
my passion for music. I got my first guitar at 25 and immediately fell in
love with it. I’m scared to watch CoCo because I don’t want to feel guilty for not going after my dream in my childhood. So many years have passed that I could have spent with my favorite instrument and I can never go back.

I have a fear of death and I love the movie Coco, it has helps me realize that it is not truly the end. I find it comforting to think that death is a transition to the land of the dead, where we reside with our passed love ones and come to the living world to see our living family once again and we get to feel that they are still here with us.

I watched Coco many times, often to the point I would I would watch it every single day for a week. I never knew why. I don’t come from a Hispanic background and I always wondered why I was so drawn to this movie. I always played it off as the animation being gorgeous, which it was, but I realized what it
really was: the family dynamic. My family isn’t close at all, even my grandparents/uncles/aunts/cousins/siblings aren’t close to me. Coco inspired this yearning in my heart for a large family and I still dream of the day I’ll get that warm, loving family. It means so much to me and I’m so grateful for that.

My boyfriend and I love Coco, he always used to say that we were Hector and Mama Imelda. We are no longer a couple, and it hurt me more than I can say. A week later I watch Coco and seeing those characters he compared us to reconnect and fall back in love after a long time, it makes me have hope that we can to someday.