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Once when I was younger I was talking to a character, I can’t for the life of me remember who it was. But I remembered that I was telling them my name was Aurora. They said “Just like our Aurora, do you know her?” I said “Yes, we’re name twins.” Then Aurora appeared out of nowhere waved at me and said “Hello name twin!” I felt so special, it’s probably one of my favorite Disney park memories.

I’m like a human super computer when it comes to Disney. I can tell you facts about almost anything Disney, even Davy Crockett! My main thing, though, is the parks. I have been going since I was little and now that I’m older I crave to know everything. No one in my family shares this obsession, sadly. But I can never get enough of the parks and how they work and the history!

My childhood and adolescence hasn’t been easy, and I often get lost in a dark place. Disney music and the movies have always helped me through that. Watching Lilo and Stitch or Treasure Planet makes me wish I was in those worlds. They make me happier, they are a great escape. I can’t wait for the day I can finally go to a Disney theme park.

Because of the recent raising of the prices at the U.S Disney parks, I’m scared that even if I start saving up now it wouldn’t matter. I have a deep gut feeling that even though I plan and daydream, I will not be able to return to Disney World. It seems the place where dreams come true can only be accomplished by throwing up a couple of car payments.

Sometimes I think about the fact that I’ll most likely never be able to go to a Disney park and I cry. I wish they’d build one in Australia.

I know it’s super sad, but I like to collect Disney Park music. Like not just the CDs, but the background music they licensed and everything. It makes me feel closer to DisneyWorld when I miss it

It’s my personal goal to one day visit all the major Disney Land/World parks all over the world. As someone who loves to travel, and as someone who loves Disney, visiting the parks are always a highlight in my trips, and it would be fun to compare and contrast the parks’ attractions.

I barely go to Disney, even though we have passes. And lately, I just want to go more than anything because it helps me get away from the world and my problems and it really is the happiest place on earth to me, even though I haven’t been the happiest lately

Due to social anxiety and all of the privacy violations I have to go through to get to USA it honestly doesn’t feel like it’s worth going to for me. But the Disney parks do seem kind of fun. Learning about them through Defunctland is really fun and makes USA feel not as distant and scary.

I keep having dreams about visiting a Disney park even when I can’t afford it and can’t even enter to the country but somehow it became one of my favorite places and I literally cry when thinking about meeting the characters