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Sometimes I feel I want to scream because the only place I feel at home and safe to be myself is Disney World. And I am not able to go often and it makes me so homesick

When I get really upset or overwhelmed, I imagine I’m in a specific part of Disney World and make up a little scenario. Just imagining stepping into the Confectionary can help me cope.

My school band went on our spring trip to Disney World this past summer. It was an amazing experience and I spent most of my time with my boyfriend of a year at the time. A few months ago, we broke up and it was very messy. My whole friend group has been split against me and now when I look back on those memories it makes me cry. If I had known that he and I were gonna break up I would’ve changed a lot. My friend made a long video compilation of moments from the trip, and when I hear the song he used, I break down. I want those memories back and now thinking about going back there again without my friends makes me upset.

TRIGGER WARNING- RAPE: I’m going back to Disney World in July of 2020. By that time I wouldn’t have been there in a little over four years. A lot has happened since then such as being repeatedly raped (which happened a few months after visiting Disney in 2016.) being incredibly mentally ill and suffering with depression, anxiety and ptsd (all diagnoses by a psychiatrist.) I’ve healed quite a bit since then though, and I hope to be able to associate this next Disney trip with a summer that doesn’t involve pain or heartache.


My dad used to work for Disney, and I was practically raised at the parks.  We went so often, and as a result, Disney became a staple of my childhood.  My dad left his work at Disney so our family could travel, but I’ve never stopped liking it.  I’ve actually become a bigger fan of it since we’ve left. Many people think I’m really immature since I mainly listen to Disney tunes, spend my money on collectibles from the Disney store, and invest my time in learning more about the parks.  Truth is, Disney World was like a second home to me, and I really miss it.  I wish people would stop making fun of my love for it.

My whole life I’ve been preparing myself to work at Disney World. I graduated early from high school, based my college major on what I thought Disney would want and took classes I thought would help me look good for DCP. I was so confident when sending in my application. I just found out that my application was not approved and its been the most heart breaking and devastating experience. I just don’t understand why I wasn’t enough.

My boyfriend is taking me to Disney World at the end of June as a (week) early birthday present. I’m so giddy I could explode. I see so many confession where Floridians say that tourists are so rude and awful and it honestly breaks my heart. My mother taught me that manners matter and courtesy counts, treat workers with respect as well as strangers. I was only blessed enough to go to Disney one time before and it quickly became my happy place. I couldn’t imagine being mean to anyone while there.

I recently finalized plans to visit Disney World for the first time in over 12 years. The last time I went I was about 10 and went with my abusive father who would laugh at me and act disgusted when I was terrified to the point of bawling my eyes out about riding some of the scarier rides. I’m excited to make better memories at the park than I’ve previously had, as well as feel like I’m free to ride or not ride whatever I want without judgement.

TRIGGER WARNING- SUICIDE: I’m not exactly suicidal, but at the same time my depression is so bad that I wouldn’t complain if a truck passing by hit me or if I was in a life-threatening situation. One of the only things that’s “motivating” me or keeping me going is the fact that I someday want to go to Disney World. The thought of being able to escape all that’s making my life miserable even if just for a few days is enough to get me out of bed in the mornings.