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Disney Castle Intro Animations through the years.

I’m excited to see Onward. I know the story
revolves around brothers finding an old tape recording of their dad. My dad
recorded himself singing and telling stories before he died of cancer. I’m
eager to see how similar this movie is to my own experiences.

Frozen 2 (2019) end scene

*TRIGGER WARNING: ABUSE* The scene where
Esmeralda comforts Quasi after the crowd at the Feast of Fools have turned on
him always makes me cry. When I was a kid and the police were finally called on my abusive parents, I
was too beaten up to even walk, and the officer who found me was a beautiful
black woman who looked a lot like Esmeralda. I know how Quasi feels to have one
good person stand up  for him and  what it feels like to not even know how to
react to that kindness.

I really dislike how many people put down Frozen
and talk about how Lilo and Stitch is the better sister movie. I have two sisters and while
I’m the Nani to my younger’s Lilo, I’m the Anna to my elder’s Elsa. Both films show insights
into different kinds of sisterly relationships and I love that. The  idea that in order to be a good feminist I need
to shoot down the ‘lesser’ female lead movie is kind of baffling. Why not just
support all sister movies?

I love to race my car on an isolated stretch of
road and pretend to be Jim Hawkins soaring on his Solar Glider.

I have some emotional issues. After seeing the
Prince become cursed in Beauty and the Beast, I’ve had a fear of becoming
cursed myself if I didn’t become a nicer person.

 When I saw Violet Parr spit water through her
nose, I laughed so hard that I did the same with the soda I was drinking in the
movie theater.

 I have Disney to thank for inspiring so many of
my interests. Because of Disney, I love fantasy animation, and musicals. Honestly, if
it weren’t for Disney, I don’t know who I’d be.

 When I was younger, I used to mimic a lot of
actions from The Lion King. I would lie in my yard and stargaze and pretend I
was walking in the savannah. I did have to stop re-enacting the Hakuna Matata
scenes with gummi worms when I was beginning to overspend on candy.