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My sister and I have always liked Frozen. She was Elsa I was Anna. We used to be really close. But now she’s older and getting into hard drugs. She’s always getting very physical with hitting me and kicking me. I’m also afraid to give her merchandise I bought for her at Disneyland for her because I’m afraid she’ll sell it for drugs. I want to be able to save my Elsa like Anna did. But I don’t know how.

I don’t have any other family members except for my 6 year old Autistic son. We live in Canada and come to Disneyland a few times out of the year. It is our happy place and it’s the special place that he can open up and be himself without fear of rejection from others. We are so excited to come for Christmas this year.

My boyfriend of 1 year and I have been planning a trip to my hometown in SoCal and he wants to do a Disneyland trip because it’s my childhood and he wants to experience it with me. I love him so much (I think he might even be The One), but I’m hesitant to take him because it’s such a special place to me that I’m terrified if we ever break up, Disneyland will never be the same. I feel so selfish and dumb and I’m scared to tell him the truth, but I also really want go with him.

For the longest time I refused to go California Screamin. I went once when I was
around twelve but then never again. Once it changed to the
Incredicoaster I still refused to go. Quite recently I went
with some of my best friends and one of them took me on it. Because of the
experience and fun, I had, the ride is now my favorite in the park.

I absolutely love Disney and Pixar. Ever since I was little, Disneyland has been my second home. I’ve seen most of the Disney movies, own many pairs of the Disney ears, and I have visited Disneyland and California Adventure so many times. Last summer I got the chance to visit Pixar studios and it was a dream come true. I really hope to work there someday.

I have depression since my boyfriend and I broke up and watching Disney movies really helps me. I also get to go to Disneyland next summer and I can’t wait to finally see the characters that are always here for me in my darkest times.

I have always been a big Disney fan. I love Disney and I have been to Disneyland quite a few times. I know everything about it. Disney had helped me through some rough times in my life and that is why my love for it is very strong, but no one around me understands that. All of my friends make fun of me about how much I love it and it makes me feel bad. Sometimes I wonder if it would be better for me to give up, but in the end I know that nothing can change me or make me hate what I love most.

Honestly, my favorite memory from my Disney vacation was that all of the face characters knew Sora and recognized him from my clothes. Mickey, Donald, and Goofy knew him! Jack Sparrow said Sora was an amazing first matey, I even met an amazing Tinkerbell who said she and Terrance helped make the Fairy Harp. My favorite was Ariel who knew Sora and even sang a little bit of “Swim This Way” with me.

Once when I was younger I was talking to a character, I can’t for the life of me remember who it was. But I remembered that I was telling them my name was Aurora. They said “Just like our Aurora, do you know her?” I said “Yes, we’re name twins.” Then Aurora appeared out of nowhere waved at me and said “Hello name twin!” I felt so special, it’s probably one of my favorite Disney park memories.

I’ve always loved Minnie mouse. From the time I was small and had a Minnie baseball cap. I remember I loved her so much and met her every time I went to Disneyland. We moved away from California and stopped going to Disneyland. Last month, I did a solo trip. I met Minnie for the first time in six years. That’s the longest I’ve ever been away from Disneyland. She hugged me and I cried so hard.I was so happy to see her.