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In life I refuse to do some things because the worst possible scenario occurs in my head. I hate it. “When I Am Older’ makes me believe that when I do get older everything will make sense and be better.

Frozen has always been a movie I hold dear to my heart, mostly because of Anna. When I saw Frozen II, Anna’s worry for things to change reminded me of myself. I struggle with dealing with my parents divorce and a new step family, it feels like I’ve lost the chance to still connect with my parents and often I’m overlooked and blamed for most of our problems. The Next Right Thing has been my go to song whenever I feel depressed and it helps me greatly to sing along.

I know Frozen 2 isn’t considered the ‘best’ film. But I am going through a lot at home, and whenever I have a depressive episode, I always tell myself ‘just focus on doing the next thing, no further’, and hearing the song ‘The Next Right Thing’ made me realize that’s exactly what I need to do again now.

In November I was in the ER for being in a ton of pain. After a few hours of being there I decided to talk to a friend and brought up how excited I was to see Frozen 2. When we went to see it on New Year’s Eve with his mother and my parents I was excited, but after he kept criticizing it then calling it a steaming piece of diarrhea the day after on his social media. It hurt me a lot since it was the only thing I was happy about that day and I enjoyed the movie less because of it.

I considered myself straight until the night I met my now wife. It was love at first sight for me and knew I had to be with her. I knew it would cost me a lot, and it did. Let It Go was such an unexpected anthem for me that still brings me comfort. I ended up estranged from my mom and sisters with my marriage being a part of the cause. Elsa’s journey has helped me, but Show Yourself is really painful for me to listen to. The fact that she gets to reconnect with her mom and I don’t is painful, but it makes me focus on the kind of mom I want to be and the family I want to raise. Maybe one day I’ll have my own little Elsa.

I’m going through a very hard time right now. My relationship is falling apart and I’m losing friends. Every time I feel lost, I look to Elsa. She is a HUGE inspiration to me. She’s been through a lot and I always remember, “if Elsa can do it, so can I.” That keeps me going.

When I heard “Show Yourself” during Frozen 2, and saw Elsa singing it with so much emotion, tears started to drop. That song made me stronger and made me realize that I want to identify myself as a non-binary person. There is so much emotion put into it, that makes me cry tears of joy every time I hear it. “Show Yourself” is such a powerful song and of big importance for the community, and it makes you feel accepted and powerful after all the time hiding yourself because of others. I want every soul on earth to have this experience and to finally accept themselves as the true and powerful individuals they are.

I’ve had schizophrenia since I was little and I just overcame it with lots of therapy and medicine. When Elsa hears the voice in Frozen 2 I feel not so alone, and she’s a big role model to me for how she overcsme and followed the voice and came out well. I’ve went back and seen it three times now. I think of Elsa like a soul sister now.

I have always loved Frozen, but especially Elsa. Since Frozen 2 came out, I’ve loved it and Elsa even more, because I personally have a problem facing change and going into the unknown with an open heart. I also struggle with being who I truly am because I’m afraid people will find me annoying. I really love what Disney has done with Elsa and her character and it’s just inspired me to try new things even though it’s scary and to embrace who I truly am whether or not people will like it.

The movie Frozen and it’s short films made me realize just how much I want a sister. I love the bond that Elsa and Anna have and I hope one day I can find my own sister and have a connection like that.