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TRIGGER WARNING-ABUSE: Treasure Planet had a big impact on my life. I was abused by my stepbrother for almost 8 years, they were horrible times and I thought I was a worthless piece of garbage. At the age of 10 men scared me, and while it cost me socializing with the opposite gender, Jim helped me a lot. I felt I identified with him, with his problems and concerns and made me think that not all men are bad and that not everyone wants to hurt me. It really made a difference in my life, and the movie still retains a special place on my heart.

When I watched Treasure Planet for the first time, I loved Jim’s character so much that I started growing a rat tail (the little braid in the back of my hair) like him, and I’m still sporting it now!

The first time I had a crush on an animated character was when I first watched “Treasure Planet” and fell head over heels in love with Jim Hawkins. Because of that, both him and the movie in general hold special places in my heart.

I recently started relating more and more to Jim Hawkins. His life is in a weird place and he doesn’t know what to do. I wish I could find my Silver who sees the best in me and will help me find what I’m good at and bring out my passions.

I’m twenty one years old today and I wish more than anything else I could go back to when I was a kid and start over. Treasure planet has always been my favorite Disney movie because Jim got his happily ever after, even after everything he went through. I want to find a real family out there. I want to chart my own course and stick to it, but I’m terrified I’m not brave enough.

Treasure Planet is, and will always be my favourite movie. I identify myself a lot with Jim’s character and “I’m Still Here” perfectly reflects my life right now and my friendship with one of my long distance best friends. My favourite scene is Silver’s motivational speech. Every time I’m sad, angry or upset I just listen to it over and over, imagining those words are meant for me.

I had a huge crush on Jim from Treasure Planet when I was 13. I got to a point that I dressed similar to hum the best I could. Because of him I say “Whatever.”

I relate and like a lot unconventional Disney characters, like Jim Hawkins, Quasimodo or Lilo and Stitch. They’re not the nicest people or the prettiest when compared to the princesses, but as someone who grew up not being a supermodel and having a difficult upbringing / personality to get along with, they inspire me more than the others. If they could manage to get a happy ending without being super beautiful or sociable, then so can I.

I have a friend who loved Jim Hawkins. I say “loved” because I just found out that she doesn’t care for him anymore. When I asked why, all she would tell me was, “Personal reasons.” I suppose I can understand that, but given how much she adored him before, how much art she made involving him (she’s a terrific artist), this news definitely breaks my heart.

I came into my Disney phase only 2 years ago and one movie that has a special place in my heart is Treasure Planet. I can identify really well with Jim, because my dad also left when I was young and my mom raised me alone. I was always a wild kid and bad at school. Jim is really a character who has my heart and it makes me feel so happy that he found kind of a father figure in Silver just like I did in my stepfather. This movie just gets me on so many levels and it will be my all time favourite