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I have loved Disney and art for as long as I can remember. When I was younger, I dreamt of becoming a Disney animator. However, I live in such a small town that has no opportunities or art programs or school animation clubs. My friend (who always mimicked my actions) decided to share my dream. When she eventually moved away, she began to attend an expensive art school with excellent animation courses. I’m happy for this girl, but I can’t help but feel jealous of her.

My friends don’t like me around much because I love Disney and they think I’m too immature to hang out with them. And it hurts a lot bc Disney is a good and constant thing in my life and they’re really mean about it.

I honestly thank Disney for characters like Esmeralda, Tiana, Merida, Kida, and Nala. These were all characters that really shaped my young womanhood. Unapologetically hard working, strong, real, and social justice oriented. I sometimes feel like an outcast because of how much I care about social justice issues and people. But these characters remind me to stay true to myself and be proud of my strong womanhood.

Disneyland lost its magic when my “boyfriend” raised my shirt for the Splash Mountain cameras. The staff deleted the photo, but I was so infuriated that I left the park and have never returned. The mere mention of Splash Mountain or even the Bre’r Animals upsets me.

Out of all the fathers in Disney movies, Maurice from Beauty and the Beast reminds me of my own dad the most. I can’t really explain it, but even when I was little I felt a sort of responsibility to look after him and make sure he was okay emotionally after my parents’ divorce, and when my mom and stepdad would say bad things about him to me, it hurt deeply. The scene in BatB where Belle takes her father’s place & the Beast proceeds to separate them is difficult for me to watch.

I once made the mistake of telling someone I didn’t like that Ariel didn’t seem to care about the creatures Ursula killed to make her potions or the crabs Eric and Grimsby were going to eat. Being a huge fan or Ariel that person then flipped out on me and now I have a really hard time liking Ariel anymore because of that person

Even though I like Anna more than Elsa, and even though I never believed a person could relate to a fictional character only because they share some characteristics, the fact that Elsa will be my age (24) in Frozen 2 makes me feel special and relate to her more.

“I relate to Jim from Treasure Planet so much because of my dad. I had watched him leave me and my family for a reason I still don’t know, and didn’t take it well. My grades dropped, I cared about almost nothing. But later after high school, I found my father figure. A man who’s now my step dad. It’s nice to have someone to call dad.”

I wish I could enjoy certain Disney media like Tangled or Goof Troop, but my former friend has made that impossible. She emotionally abused me for a long time, and now I can’t watch anything with themes of abuse without thinking of her. I hate that she’s ruined these for me

I can relate to the way Jasmine reacted when she thought she lost her mother’s bracelet. I have a necklace that contains some of my dad’s ashes that I wear every day to make myself feel safe and keep my dad close to me since he passed. I have panicked on more than one occasion when I thought I lost it. When we see her touch her wrist after she lost it, it reminded me of how I’m always touching my necklace.