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I honestly thank Disney for characters like Esmeralda, Tiana, Merida, Kida, and Nala. These were all characters that really shaped my young womanhood. Unapologetically hard working, strong, real, and social justice oriented. I sometimes feel like an outcast because of how much I care about social justice issues and people. But these characters remind me to stay true to myself and be proud of my strong womanhood.


Atlantis came out when I was a young teen. Despite living in a progressive family, being bi wasn’t really a thing: you were either straight or gay. Anything in between was seen as weird, or simply non-existent. When I saw Atlantis for the first time and realised I had a crush on both Milo and Kida at the same time, things got pretty confusing. In hindsight, those characters showcased the two types of personalities I usually fall in love with, which is probably why I love the movie so much today.

I realised I liked girls as a kid when I saw Kida take off her skirt to swim with Milo. I watched Atlantis again recently with my girlfriend and started swooning again in front of her. Luckily, she gets it too! 


Kida is the first and only Disney princess to be an original Disney creation (Merida is Pixar) and it saddens me that many people have no idea who she is. It is pathetic that many people who swear that they love Disney have never even heard of her movie!

“I’ve always thought Tarzan and Kida and Jane and Milo would make the BEST of friends!”

“There are so many awesome Disney characters I’d love to cosplay as, but
I’m half Portuguese and half Irish so I’m white as hell, I’m worried if I
were to cosssolay as Kida or Tiana because I love and respect them that
I would get hate for “white washing” a character that I really just
love and want to dress up as to show how much I love them.”


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