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I was obsessed with everything and anything Mickey as a kid! We used to go to Disney World almost every year and I’d meet him every time. Unfortunately it’s been over 10 years since I’ve returned to Disney World and properly met Mickey, and it makes me really sad! I’m excited to go to WDW again someday and meet Mickey. Phone Ring Holder, 2 Pack Phone Ring Grip Stand Car Mount for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Nokia, Other Smart Phones and Tablets: AiKiTi:

I know what you’re thinking; “I’d love to wear my phone as a ring.” So I found you something to make that Disney themed.

Cartoons with Pluto always make me cry in a happy way. He reminds me a lot of my own dog, so seeing how much he and Mickey love each other puts a smile on my face

I love the parks but I can no longer visit Mickey after he kept harassing me and wrote creepy things when I asked him to sign my book. He signed several hearts which I figured was his signature until I checked and it wasn’t. I can’t see Mickey without crying and having an anxiety attack. My brother is super nice about it and will stand between Mickey and I in pictures, so my parents can still have the perfect vacation pictures.

When I was younger and I watched a Disney movie that was on the VHS and I watched the promo commercials for DisneyWorld and DisneyLand and I saw that little girl run up to Mickey Mouse and give him a big hug and kiss on the nose. I told myself “one day I’m gonna go to DisneyWorld and give Mickey the biggest hug and give him a kiss on the nose.” It was my biggest dream as a kid. That dream came true for my 16th birthday when my mom, grandma, and I went to DisneyWorld for a week and I met Mickey. He gave me the biggest hug and pointed to his nose for a kiss. My childhood dream came true, DisneyWorld really is a place where dreams come true.

I worked at a ranch and got to name one of the horses. It was a spotted horse I named Mickey Mouse. But the owner passed unexpectedly and Mickey was sold with some of the other animals. Once I scrounged some cash to try to buy him back, I tracked the new owner but the guy refused to sell Mickey. Now I get a little sad thinking of the horse when I see Mickey Mouse on merch or TV cartoons.

I had a cat named Mickey. For quite a while after he died, his namesake’s “See you real soon” catchphrase was very hard for me to hear/read.

I love Mickey Mouse so much and I wish I could express that to my IRL friends and family. But I’ve grown up now and I know they’d never understand how much he means to me, especially since I haven’t had this obsession with him until recently. I already have other childish interests that they don’t get either but tolerate, so I just keep it to myself and hope that someday I’ll get to a place where I can indulge in it as much as I like!

When I was a kid my mom made Mickey Mouse pancakes with always made me so happy. Even though I’m an adult now, my husband makes me Mickey Mouse pancakes when I’m having really bad days.

My most prized possession is a knit Mickey Mouse plush from the World of Disney store in WDW. I’ve grown so attached to it despite being a grown 20 year old woman and I would absolutely DIE if anything ever happened to him. I plan to buy the knit Oswald plush when I go back to WDW, so Mickey doesn’t have to endure my extreme hugs and loving all in his own, but it makes me feel a little guilty because I feel like I’d be replacing Mickey.