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I’m an adult and have never been in a romantic relationship. But I’m glad there are characters like Elsa, Moana, and Captain Marvel to show females of all ages that it’s possible to be single and still have a happy, fulfilling life.

When Moana came out I would watch it nonstop and relate to her about exploring new places and helping her family and others. But I’m always trapped in my house with a family who never listens to me and treats me like crap. Sometimes, I look at the moon and see beyond my backyard’s gate. I know I’ll go beyond that gate one day.

My Grandma died a few months ago and because of that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to watch Moana or CoCo again, since both movies have Grandmothers in them that pass away. It’s really sad because I love both movies so much, but watching them now would just be too hard.

I always wonder why people complain on whether Elsa should have a love interest or not when Nani from Lilo and Stitch was single. Merida from Brave, who is a princess, was still single, or even Moana who also doesn’t have love interest. I don’t get it. I mean, I love Elsa and to me, personally, I want her have a love interest but since it’s reveal that she won’t, I was a little sad but I got over it. However I’m a little annoyed that I cant go to Elsa tag now without seeing people fighting over it.

I’m going on a trip without my family members to learn how to sail and fish with my grandparents. My mother sort of disapproves of it, yet wants me to decide on whatever I want to do since I’ll be on my own in college soon. The movie Moana is honestly helping me with all the anxieties I have about this because watching her choose between exploration and family as well as seeing her leave her island with such confidence and learning how to be the voyager she has always been inside truly inspired me to believe that it’s okay to be free, and that once you’re thrown out into the world you’ve got to make the best of it.

Ever since I was little, my dream was to be a Disney animator. As I got older, my parents didn’t support that becoming a career for me. Moana showed me that just because your parents don’t support your dream, doesn’t mean it’s not right for you. It gave me the courage to go back to college to follow my dream. Her supportive grandmother reminded me of my Nana who told me to live my life for me and no one else.

I was depressed and had suicidal thoughts after my nan passed away. Then I watched Moana began to heal. How Gramma Tala was reincarnated and free again and how Moana could go on and beat challenges without her nana by her side. It inspired me to be more courageous and live my life to the fullest even if my nan can’t. So now I’m healing, not 100% there yet as even Disney movies can’t work miracles, but I’m much better than I was and that’s a start.

As a young girl, it’s so empowering to see princesses from so many different
cultures. I’m a POC and it really made me smile to see that there are princesses
from everywhere. It makes me think that maybe I might be viewed as beautiful too.

This is going to sound crazy, but I can actually relate to Hei Hei from Moana. At first, he’s seen as ultimately useless, but when he successfully manages to get the heart of Te Fiti, his worth is (sort of) realized. Plenty of people have thought that I could never really do anything right, yet graduating from HS has changed their minds and made me realize I’m more than what people say I am. Plus, I found out Hei Hei translates to “differing from the norm,” and hearing that made me more happy, because it proved to me that just because I didn’t fit in and made some dumb decisions doesn’t mean I’m worthless.

Moana is my favorite Disney movie of all time! It really resonated with me because my family wants me to follow a specific path, but I’m not so sure about it and deep down I’m longing for something else/more. I also adore the ocean, it’s my favorite place to be when I have time off from work and studying, it’s just so calm and peaceful. Both Moana and Lilo & Stitch made me really interested in Hawaiian/Polynesian culture which I have been reading and learning about.