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what did you think of moana?

what did you think of moana?

Jen: i liked the soundtrack more than i liked the movie. that’s generally how i best express it.

Em: I saw that movie at a really critical time in my life where I specifically needed something like that to encourage me to move forward, so I have more of a bias towards it because I related to the main character a lot. I usually rate movies on whether I’d watch it again or not, and Moana is one I definitely would. I can see why people don’t care much for it though. 

MJ: The first time I watched it was kind of a sad day for me and it cheered me up so I mostly enjoyed it for that reason. I agree with Jen that I liked the soundtrack more, but I do love the movie.

Do any of the mods ever post their own confess…

Do any of the mods ever post their own confessions?

Jen: I have in the past but not within the last few years for sure

Em: I did many years ago. I have it saved somewhere on my old Tumblr. 

MJ: I did up until a few years ago. I think I used to reblog which ones were mine on my personal Tumblr.

what did you think of black panther?

what did you think of black panther?


This is the first time a black superhero has been shown in cinemas who is family appropriate, strong-moralled, and stands for cultural pride. Black Panther is a big fucking deal, and it’s going to hopefully show studios that black audiences and black kids want to see positive representations of themselves in toys and movies. Also, I think it will pave the way to show studios that YES, representation makes $$$ so start having inclusion!! That being said- unfortunately I am not a fan of modern superhero films so I thought it was okay. 

Non-confession post! (sorry) New(ish) mod intr…

Non-confession post! (sorry) New(ish) mod intro!!!

Hey everyone! Em here. I joined the mod team a lil while ago and just realized I never really introduced myself (oops). Here’s just a bit about me:

I’m Em! I’m a 25 yr old from SoCal. I’ve been living in Japan for the past year, but I’ll be returning to my little bit of paradise in Los Angeles in a few weeks! 

I’ve worked for Disney a few different times. I did my DCP at WDW in 2011, where I worked at All Star Movies at the food court. I worked at Disneyland from 2012-end of 2013 in Adventureland & Main Street attractions (Jungle Cruise, Tiki, Main Street Vehicles, and A LOT of parade/fireworks guest control!). The last time I worked for Disney was 2014-2017. I worked at the Walt Disney Studios and Grand Central Creative Campus (where corporate Consumer Products/Interactive/Imagineering/ToonStudios is). If anyone is familiar with the Employee Centers, I worked there, and it was fun! 

Besides just working for Disney, I lived 15 minutes away from Disneyland for 21 years so I was constantly at the park. I was an AP for 6 years before actually working for the company. My favorite memories was when I was in middle and high school before they did the remodel of DCA, and my friends and I would spend the majority of our time just running around DCA because no one was there! 

I’m a huge parks fan in general, and I’m constantly reading up on whatever is happening at any of the parks. I also run a vintage Disney account on Twitter where I like to post cool old photos I find & just talk about Disney stuff in general. I’ve been fairly inactive there but I’ll get it back up and running once I return to the states. 

I remember finding this blog many, many years ago when I used to be super active on Tumblr. Nowadays I’m only on Tumblr occasionally, but I ran across a post looking for a new mod and I thought, why not! I have really enjoyed helping out with the confessions so far, as I’ve actually learned a whole bunch about random Disney things and it’s been interesting to hear about people’s opinions too. My goal is to make sure our queue is never empty…hopefully I’ll be able to keep that up 🙂

That ended up being a little long, sorry haha. I’ll put all my social stuff below in case anyone wants to follow. I’m always in need of people to talk to about Disney, so don’t be a stranger!

-Mod Em

Personal Twitter: umi_fusion
Vintage Disney Twitter: disneyantique
Instagram: umifusion

Mods: Which animated movie has the best soundt…

Mods: Which animated movie has the best soundtrack in your opinion? For me it’s either Coco or the Princess and the Frog!

Em: When I was growing up, I loved the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack because it was one of the few we actually owned on CD. It always sounded so magical to me. In college, I listened to a lot of the Princess and the Frog because I felt a lot like Tiana. Now, the Moana soundtrack is the one I listen to the most. I pulled my own Moana and moved to the other side of the world last year, away from everything that was comfortable for me. The soundtrack gave me that bit of comfort I needed whenever I was in doubt about my decisions. 

jen, do you not work at disney anymore?

jen, do you not work at disney anymore?

jen: no, the dark lord mickey deemed me unworthy of employment. i work the front desk of a hotel instead, where today a guest called down and asked me to watch his children while he and his wife went out and when i politely declined, he said “what am I supposed to do?” I said “take your sons with you” and he snarled into the phone and hung up. but then the other day a guest gave me a bottle of wine and 20$ for delivering shampoo so the good outweighs the bad

have you ever cosplayed as a disney character?

have you ever cosplayed as a disney character?

jen: um well yes, for one of my earliest cosplays, i did a horrible horrible ariel with a terrible plastic looking wig and in the photo my face looks like i sprayed a can of canola oil directly on my forehead. which is like, how i look every time i look at my reflection in the mirror anyway. like you could use my forehead to pre-grease a cooking pan.

I also, much more recently, did a steampunk jim hawkins (and I built the actual map for it). it looked really cool. my best friend did milo thatch and we roamed the con together which excited lots of people. we plan to star in Disney’s combined atlantis/treasure planet sequel entitled “Treasure Planet: The Lost Empire” (alternative titles were ‘Atlantis Planet’ and ‘Two Big Dumb Nerds Roam a Con Dressed As Two Of Disney’s Most Underrated Movies’)

Mod, who is your favorite, Anna or Elsa?

Mod, who is your favorite, Anna or Elsa?

Jen: Neither is my favorite, but since I first saw the movie and every viewing since I’ved like Anna more than Elsa. However, last time I watched it, I liked Elsa more. I think sometimes it depends on my mood or how my views have shifted:)

Question for the mods: so it seems for the pas…

Question for the mods: so it seems for the past few years, Disney releases a big movie that ends up being a big box office flop (examples: John Carter, The Lone Ranger, Tomorrowland, The BFG). What do you think this year's big box office dud will be: A Wrinkle In Time or The Nutcracker & the Four Realms? Do you want to place bets on it?

MJ: I think it might be A Wrinkle In Time. At work I get the same vibe from guests I got when Tomorrowland was coming out; not a lot of excitement about the movie. 

Not really a question, but let me just say I&#…

Not really a question, but let me just say I'm really amazed of what you do. It must feel great so much people is trusting your dedication to your blog by confessing their greatest secrets, such as their parents' deaths, their traumas, between others. Lemme' just say it's really good what you do because you help people take everything out of their chests throught this flawless thing that Disney is. Keep going, sweeties!xx

Jen: Thank you <3