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I really wish Disney would stop with the damn ‘comedy relief’ sidekicks. I hated Heihei, I hated Olaf, I hated Abu, I REALLY hated the Gargoyles from Notre Dame. The only sidekicks I ever liked were Sebastian from Little Mermaid and Lumiere & Cogsworth from Beauty and the BEast, and that’s because they had personalities beyond “Oh, we say/do funny stuff so laugh at us.” STOP THE SIDEKICK OVERLOAD PLEASE!!

It’s always bothered me that the UK has a different list of Classics than the US. I mean, the US has Dinosaur and Winnie the Pooh in their Classics list. We have The Wild. So our list is one film shorter than America’s. How will that work when America’s Classics list hits 60 and ours doesn’t? We need to include another Classic film. 

“While I love Disney Princess movies, I always wish we could have a Prince as the main character for once”

My family is one of those types that base how good a movie is based on the actors, so some movies we don’t even get to see because “Chris Pines is overrated” or something. I always have to fight back. Like I don’t care what Miley Cyrus is or has ever done, Bolt is still the cutest thing ever and I want twelve. 

“Honestly, I LIKE some of Disney’s pop-culture references in their movies. I know people like to rip on them and stuff, but when timed right, I think they can be pretty funny!”

I love Disney movies now but most of them terrified me as a kid, especially the classics. Strangely, the only movies that I loved were Lilo and Stitch and The Little Mermaid. I guess I grew “into” Disney movies instead of “out of” it.

“I understand that Disney movies as of late are basically subverting the tropes of their past movies, and that isn’t a bad thing. I hope that they’ll make a straightforward movie in the future that does adhere to the tropes of the past while still being relatable enough to a modern audience. Those tropes are charming and endearing for a reason. Though who knows? Maybe that has already happened and it jut didn’t get enough attention.”

“I like analyzing Disney movies as much as the next person. But I don’t appreciate theories that make Disney movies darker than they are, that harken back to the original stories they’re based off of, or are just a checklist of the movies’ (perceived) flaws. Those theories come from a cynical world-view that’s trying to be forced into movies that are all about hope, forging strong bonds and the belief in people’s own capabilities.”

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