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With everything shutting down and the world going to chaos and fear, the track “Dance Fight” from the Onward soundtrack and the scene that goes with it has helped me accept that there’s not much I can do to make things right in the world or even normal again, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have fun with the situation and not try to live my life to the fullest I can now

I have this friend that is really nostalgic and critical about new Disney movies and totally despises the new movies. I was so excited for Onwards new trailers , but she totally destroyed it with critiques. She’s one of my best friends, but I’m scared that one day she’ll have totally ruined Disney magic for me.

I’m excited to see Onward. I know the story
revolves around brothers finding an old tape recording of their dad. My dad
recorded himself singing and telling stories before he died of cancer. I’m
eager to see how similar this movie is to my own experiences.

I’m so ready to see Onward that I’m planning to have my van painted like Barley’s.

I was pumped to see “Onward.” Unfortunately, I
now have a VERY strained relationship with my younger
brother since my dad became disabled. Since Onward is obviously a buddy-sibling
movie, I’m not as enthusiastic to watch it. I feel
that it ought to be major cinema therapy for me, but I’m seriously ready to cease contact with my own