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I really want to look forward to Soul but seeing how its yet again a Black character stuck in an inhuman form for most of the movie (like Princess and the Frog and Spies in Disguise) I’m really sad with this trend. It’s not real representation for me

One of the earliest memories I have is from when I was about 3 or 4. It was the first scene of Monsters Inc., namely the one where Phlegm’s eyes open under the bed. To this day, it’s my favorite Pixar movie and one of my favorite movies overall.

Inside Out is basically cheap therapy for me. I tend to avoid crying because my family will scold me for crying. Hence, I will hold back my tears, fake my emotions, or cry alone. I was also bullied by my classmates for being a
crybaby, hence, I perceived crying as a weakness. But watching Inside Out helps me to realize that it’s okay to cry. Although my family still doesn’t understand it, I am now more able to express my emotions to my most trusted friends.

 When I saw Violet Parr spit water through her
nose, I laughed so hard that I did the same with the soda I was drinking in the
movie theater.

I was pumped to see “Onward.” Unfortunately, I
now have a VERY strained relationship with my younger
brother since my dad became disabled. Since Onward is obviously a buddy-sibling
movie, I’m not as enthusiastic to watch it. I feel
that it ought to be major cinema therapy for me, but I’m seriously ready to cease contact with my own

I was younger I liked Disney. I was a fan of it but not a huge huge fan. I saw
The Incredibles 2 two summers ago and that’s when I realized how much I loved
Disney and wanted to work at Pixar. Ever since then my love for Disney has
skyrocketed. Pixar is my dream job. It takes the two things I love most and
puts them together: art and Disney. Now, all I do is eat, sleep and breathe

The movie Inside Out isn’t really one of my favorite Pixar movies, but it holds a special place in my heart because it helped me get through a rough situation. I was diagnosed with anxiety at the end of middle school and my dad would fight my mom almost all the time. Sometimes I wanted to run away because I couldn’t take it anymore. To get away from him, my mom took me and my siblings to see the movie and I could honestly relate to everything Riley said at the climax when she says her parents want her to be happy even though she misses her old home so much. We had also just moved into a new house; my mom is considering moving again, but I want to stay put. Now I think that there are
little emotions in my head that look just like Riley’s emotions in the movie, and it makes me feel happier than I have been.

I absolutely love Disney and Pixar. Ever since I was little, Disneyland has been my second home. I’ve seen most of the Disney movies, own many pairs of the Disney ears, and I have visited Disneyland and California Adventure so many times. Last summer I got the chance to visit Pixar studios and it was a dream come true. I really hope to work there someday.

Toy Story 4 came out after my dad died. I saw the first three movies with him, and I couldn’t bring myself to go to the fourth. We used to go see the movies, go get ice cream, and sing along to music in the car on the ride back home. It was our father-daughter thing. I don’t want to see another Toy Story movie without him here.


To infinity and beyond!