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I love to race my car on an isolated stretch of
road and pretend to be Jim Hawkins soaring on his Solar Glider.

I don’t think people who don’t want Beyonce as Nala are necessarily ‘racist’. I think they just want the voice to sound natural and not particularly famous or recognizable. I mean, they could’ve cast Chris Rock as Simba…how many people would’ve approved of THAT? Some voices just don’t work with some characters. That said, I was hoping for Lupita Nyongo as Nala myself…

I’m 100% sure that if Kylo Ren wasn’t white, people wouldn’t defend him like they do. 

I’m not Chinese, but I relate to Mulan standing up for what’s right even when everyone is against you. I’m not Native American, but I relate to Pocahontas’ love of nature and belief that anger results in bias reactions. Kids don’t see color. They see traits they identify with. And that’s better than wanting a certain race because reasons. I remember being a kid and fighting over who got to be Jasmine, Aladdin and Jafar during recess. I’m Hispanic and everyone else was Caucasian. No one cared.