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The movie Frozen and it’s short films made me realize just how much I want a sister. I love the bond that Elsa and Anna have and I hope one day I can find my own sister and have a connection like that.

I wish I could enjoy seeing Anna and Elsa together (especially with how they’ve bonded between the first and second movie), but they just remind me of how lonely I am. I grew up an only child and the very few friends I had viewed as sisters have all either left my life or have proved how little they care about me. I really want to love someone like how Anna loves Elsa, and have them love me back.

I really dislike how many people put down Frozen
and talk about how Lilo and Stitch is the better sister movie. I have two sisters and while
I’m the Nani to my younger’s Lilo, I’m the Anna to my elder’s Elsa. Both films show insights
into different kinds of sisterly relationships and I love that. The  idea that in order to be a good feminist I need
to shoot down the ‘lesser’ female lead movie is kind of baffling. Why not just
support all sister movies?

Anna & Elsa

Anna & Elsa by Brianna Arce

Anastasia & Drizella

Anastasia & Drizella by Brianna Arce

National Best Friend Day

National Best Friend Day by Jordan Hall

“My sister and I adored lilo and stitch to pieces. We reenacted so many lines. There weren’t a whole lot of minority movies to pick from, so seeing a movie about two sisters who love each other even though they fight and their alien dog made us so happy. Hearing how frozen is the first “sibling love” movie infuriated the both of us. Frozen was a good movie, but it lacked everything that made lilo and stitch worthy of the series and sequels it got!”

“My mom has always compare me to Belle& my lil sister to Rapunzel. Since Frozen came out she has compared our other sister to Anna & it’s uncomfortable. I see her more as Elsa; constantly trying to be popular but unable to process her feelings well.”

“My sister and I have a strained relationship. When frozen came out we were able to use Anna and Elsa to help understand one another better.”

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