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Whenever I watch The Good Dinosaur I always find it hard to watch because in the scenes where Arlo is drowning I get flashbacks from when I almost drowned a couple years ago. I still like the movie, I just find it very hard to watch

I dislike watching Big Hero 6 and The Good Dinosaur. The two movies cause too many painful memories because I lost my dad and my brother.

The Good Dinosaur helped me realize and overcome my anxiety issues.


“Say what you will about The Good Dinosaur but I think it’s the most humble and unassuming production Pixar has released in years.”


[Spot starts laughing, his eyes becoming slits. Arlo laughs too. Spot’s face starts to grow… what’s happening? Arlo now has FIVE EYES. Their vision warps! What is in this fruit? They can’t stop laughing! They leap into the air in a shared, happy hallucination … Arlo and Spot recover from their fruit hangover.] 

The Good Dinosaur. Directed by Peter Sohn. Screenplay by Meg LeFauve. {x}

Everything we are, is because of you. Happy Father’s Day!