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The Rescuers hits an incredibly emotional chord with me. Someone’s Waiting For You and the scene beforehand give me chills. Medusa mocking Penny reminds me all too well of my toxic environment and abusers. Penny’s sadness and want for a home is all too relatable. I want to believe someone is waiting for me too.

As a kid I loved The Rescuers and The Great Mouse Detective. I was always looking at objects like packages or matchboxes wondering if real mice lived like the cartoon ones re purposing junk as homes and furniture. Kinda like how the Rescue Aid Society met in a suitcase and used matchboxes as tables.

The Great Mouse Detective and The Rescuers are my ultimate comfort movies. I used to watch them with my great-grandfather on VHS whenever I went over to his place to visit. We’d talk about how mouse societies might work, he’d let me have all the junk food my parents never let me have, and afterwards he’d tell me stories about my family. Even though he’s in Heaven now, when I watch the movies I feel so warm and loved it’s like he’s right there with me.

I appeciate Disney shining the light on the topic of being adopted such as in “Meet the Robinsons” or “The Rescuers”, and I hope they create more films centered on that since Disney has a wide fanbase of people all around the world. I love “Meet the Robinsons” not only because they brought attention to adoption but also because their message KEEP MOVING FORWARD helped me get through middle school. I was adopted myself so this hit home for me.

I re-watched The Rescuers and remembered how much I love the movie. And truth be told, it also made me realize how I barely remember ANYTHING from The Rescuers Down Under. I know it’s an unpopular opinion but to me The Rescuers is a better movie than the sequel is. 

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 The Rescuers released 40 years ago today!

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