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I recently saw Toy Story 4, and it was then when I realized that no one was kidding when they said it would make me cry. I especially loved how Pixar made Gabby Gabby look like the villain when in reality she was just broken and needed fixing after being rejected for the broken voice box she had since the beginning of her life as a toy; she didn’t ask to have it, but later on fate led her to Woody who was very caring to let her have his instead. The final scene where the lost girl in the carnival finds Gabby and eventually her parents again really nade a flood of tears come out of my face. Saying Toy Story 4 or any other Pixar movie is just “cute” is totally an understatement; I believe every movie they make is very impactful and actually changes lives.

Even though I felt like the ending was a bit predictable, there was a part of me that was happy that Buzz and Woody took their separate paths. I saw the movie with my best friend of 6 years, and I feel like we’re growing apart, which does hurt me. I take comfort in seeing my childhood characters do the same thing and see that they can live on to do their own things.

When I watch Toy Story, the friendship between Buzz and Woody reminds me so much of my friendship with my best friend, who migrated, she was my pillar in life and without her I am lost and lonely. I can’t bear to watch Toy Story nowadays without feeling sad and miserable, because it was also our favorite movie together, I miss her.

I love Disney so much! It has gotten me through some rough times. My dad technically abandoned me when I was 5 or 6 years old, and what got me through that was Toy Story. I owe that movie my life because I don’t know what I would have done. I am 14 years old now and Toy Story 4 has changed my life yet again, because I’m really depressed and wanted to just be alone at one point. I figured Toy Story 4 could get me through this and I was right I was no longer depressed


To infinity and beyond!

When I was little and watched Toy Story I would set up all my stuffed animals so we could watch it together. My favorite was a dog. It’s worn down a lot now, but
whenever the song “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” came on I would spin around and dance with it. That stuffed dog still comforts me even now in highschool.

I’ve always wanted to go to every Disney Park in my lifetime. I don’t mean just
the ones here in America; I mean places like Tokyo Disneyland and Paris Disneyland. Those are my dream parks, especially since Japan and France are my dream destinations. I’m also really excited that Tokyo Disneyland is going to get a Toy Story themed Hotel, and I would love to spend my honeymoon there if I ever get married.

TRIGGER WARNING- SUICIDE: I was going to kill myself last year. The thought of my life ending seemed needed. But then I got a fixation on Toy Story, and was in a relationship that made me feel the slightest bit of hope.  I told myself I wouldn’t kill myself until I saw Toy Story 4. Now the movie will be out soon. I still feel suicidal everyday, but surprisingly, not as intensely. Bo reminded me there is so much more than these feelings.

I make custom dolls and have recently started taking really battered, broken dolls from yard sales and thrift stores, fixing them up so they’re good as new, then donating them to charities. Toy Story really made me view it all in a different light. I keep thinking about what the toys might be feeling or might have gone through. Sometimes I find myself reassuring them aloud or giving them a little pep talk. I’m way too old to be doing that, but I can’t help it.


Toy Story 4 (2019), dir. Josh Cooley