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I was obsessed with everything and anything Mickey as a kid! We used to go to Disney World almost every year and I’d meet him every time. Unfortunately it’s been over 10 years since I’ve returned to Disney World and properly met Mickey, and it makes me really sad! I’m excited to go to WDW again someday and meet Mickey.

When my wife and I got married, I insisted we go to Walt Disney World on our honeymoon. She begrudgingly agreed-she thought it was for kids. We had such a good time we’ve been there three times since our 2017 wedding. The last trip we went on after we had five failed attempts at pregnancy, one ending in an early miscarriage. We went to celebrate life and take our minds off our fertility struggle. It didn’t help, we talked a lot on the trip about how we don’t want to come back until we have a baby in a stroller or a bun in the oven. But I’m so scared. Disney gives me hope, but that happily ever after seems out of reach for us.

There are many times when I get depressed and just hate everyone (well, almost) around me, but there is just something about Walt Disney World and Disney that just gives me hope. Even if everyone says “Disney is for kids” or “Why are you going to Disney World again?” Disney World is my happy place.

2 days ago I applied for what would be my second Walt Disney World program. After thinking about it for months after returning home from my first and being so emotional. I’m so beyond proud of myself for applying and what ever happens at least I’ve tried. But I’m feeling positive. Just using this as a way of putting it into the universe! Hopefully I get to go home.

I want to ask a princess at Walt Disney World to dance with me, even though I am a twenty year old guy. I feel anxious about it, but I have seen older guys dance with princesses on YouTube. If she says no, I will back off but feel awkward about it. I also feel if I dance with a princess, it would help me to gain confidence since I have an anxiety disorder. I just don’t want to be judged.

Walt Disney World is my favorite place. It’s my Home. It will always hold a special place in my heart because it’s the only place I’ve found I have no anxiety. I’m genuinely me, without anxiety or depression. I wish I could be that person all the time.

I did a summer program at Walt Disney World last year. I got back home in September and just a few bars of Happily Ever After or one photo of WDW and I feel like crying. I find it so frustrating sometimes how other people just don’t “get” it -how much I loved it that is. Going back to reality is such a shock. I miss the magic. Disney has always been a huge part of my life. I knew I had to work for the company one day. I’m proud that I have. I loved my role so much I’m convinced I’ll never have another job like it. I’m counting down the days until I can apply for another program. Being from England there are not many opportunities to work over there. But I’m hopeful that I will get to go back somehow. You have to dream big, right? Anyone reading this who loves Disney and is wondering whether to do a program, even if it’s far from home please do it!

Walt Disney World holds a lot of bittersweet memories when I am either with my family or my parents. I have no problem attending the parks with them but since I do have Asperger Syndrome they think I need constant attention. Their actions never fail to get on my nerves. I hope to one day attend the parks both alone and with my siblings.

I’m afraid of going to WDW and getting misgendered by cast members. I want to be able to meet the FCs and have fun, but if someone called me ma’am, Miss, or princess, I think it would really ruin a lot of the magic for me.

WDW cured a lot of my irrational fears. A trip to WDW (and specifically Hollywood Studios) helped me get over my fears of heights and rollercoasters. Exploring different hotels and parts of Disney property at night when I couldn’t wind down and sleep after being at the parks really helped me get over my fear of being outside and alone at night when it’s dark.