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I jokingly tell people that Finding Nemo: The Musical cured my anxiety, but there’s a bit of truth to that. Sometimes I sing Go With The Flow to myself when I’m nervous and it really helps.

I cried so hard during “The Next Right Thing” in Frozen II. I watched it with my sister, and to imagine being in Anna’s shoes, living in a world without my sister, just broke my heart.

Kingdom Hearts 3 has really helped me stand out and truly face my fears. I had become afraid of everything and closed myself off from the world because of trauma the past few years, but seeing Sora’s courage in the game really helped me open up recently and feel lifted out of my shell, just like the other games and soundtracks did.

I relate a lot to Nebula. Like hers, my father is very hard on me and doesn’t seem to ever be proud of me despite my best efforts. He’s very strict and favors my younger sister. He makes all my big life decisions for me without asking. People tell me to stand up to him but I’m tired of the emotional abuse he puts on me when I do. When Nebula confronts her past self in endgame and tells herself she can change and she says “he won’t let me” it hit me very hard.

I have loved the relationship between Dumbo and Mrs. Jumbo, as she reminded me of my own mum. The way she holds him with her trunk reminds me of when my mum used to hold me against her.

I’ve had been depressed for a while due to major changes in my life. The one thing that is a sure fire way to make me smile has been watching Adventures in Wonderland, which is an old childhood favorite mine. I’m 30 and yet sometimes I imagine me going to Wonderland and them comforting me while trying to keep things jolly and telling me everything is gonna be fine and dandy.

I lost my dog to cancer a few weeks ago. The night it happened, my family watched Moana to get our minds on something else for a bit. Grandma Tala’s line to Moana right before she passes really stuck with me. “There is no where you can go that I won’t be with you,” I know I can be comforted by the fact that my dog will always be with me.

I didn’t realize how much I identified with Elsa and Anna’s characters until I watched Frozen 2 as a senior in high school. When Anna said she doesn’t want Elsa dying trying to save everyone else, I felt like that was something I really needed to hear, too. Elsa’s journey of embracing who she is and coming out of her shell really inspires me. Anna’s quirky and awkward personality is so nice to see in a Disney princess, and she is such an emotionally strong character. I also identify with the effects trauma had on Elsa and Anna. It reminds me that trauma effects different people in different ways and that’s okay, as long as we learn to overcome it.

In October of 2019 I started going through severe depression and none of my family or friends seemed to care. I never wanted to go to school or even get out of bed. That all changed after seeing Frozen 2. When “The Next Right Thing” started playing, I felt like it was talking directly to me. I sob every time I watch that scene, and ever since then I’ve been doing much better. I’ll forever appreciate Frozen 2.


As a kid I loved Disney to the extreme and all because of a quiz on called “Are You the Ultimate Disney Fan?” And I got ALL the questions correct. Needless to say that I changed from back then, but I’ll still be a Disney kid at heart (my favorite Disney movie is The Lion King.)