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Nick and Judy from Zootopia are very important to me. Almost all of my friends abandoned me last year and I felt very alone. I have always loved Disney and have had personal connections with their films, but after I was hurt, I had a special love for Zootopia. It inspires me to “try everything”, even when life knocks me down. Nick and Judy’s friendship means so much to me because it shows that lifelong, loyal, and true friendships can be developed between the most unlikely of friends. Maybe someday I can have as good a friendship with someone as Nick and Judy have with each other…

The scene where Nick squeezes Bellewether’s hair (wool) irritates me. I know it’s a gag, but as someone who wears their hair in an Afro at times, I’ve my share of people who are like Nick: they pat my hair without asking me. I do not appreciate being treated like Bellewether one bit. My hair is not a novelty.

Seeing Judy talk to Gideon as an adult inspired me to confront my own high school bully through social media. He offered an apology, though not as sophisticated as the one Judy received.

One message from Zootopia that really resonated with me is that bullies will only get under your skin if you let them. Both Judy and Nick were bullied as children, but they had completely different reactions to it. Judy brushed it off and set out to prove the bullies wrong, but Nick internalized the bullying, letting the bullies’ words define him. Right now, I’m very much like Nick in that in internalize every negative thing people say to me, but I’m trying to be more like Judy. I hope someday to reach the point where I’m not as affected by other people’s cruel words.

I own a Chief Bogo Tsum Tsum and whenever I feel sad or scared about something or I’m going somewhere I take him with me. Chief Bogo had a dominating yet caring aura and that’s probably why I love him so much.

Lion King and Zootopia were my last favorite movies and in a way lost the magic of Disney. 3 years ago I went to Disneyland just for the experience but I found the magic again! Just by watching the parade I saw Simba in the pride rock and had tears in my eyes, I was so happy and felt like a kid again! I was 32 years old, I also saw Nick and Judy! Best day ever!

Judy Hopps from Zootopia is honestly such an inspiring character to me. Even when everyone brings her down for believing in a dream they don’t think will be achievable she defies them all by succeeding in the best way. The past four
years have been really rough for me, and sometimes I lose hope in what I want because I’ve had thoughts that people would pick on me for it, but everytime I think of Judy becoming the first bunny cop despite all of her challenges. When I watch her grow from failing training to working harder and becoming the best of her peers I feel like I can do (pun intended) and try everything to truly be successful and happy. I also love the message that Zootopia sends overall that no matter what or who you are, the change you desire starts with you.

I’m almost 24 now and still having trouble with the adult world between my autism and chronic health issues, and trying to make it in an unusual job. There’s a lot of pressure on me right now, and while Disney is one of my ways of coping, stuff about keeping childhood magic like Peter Pan or chasing your dreams like Princess & The Frog or Zootopia have me crying. It’s like the stress is getting to me or feels like I’m really far away from succeeding like they did.

Disney has been an important part of my life. Many of my favorite movies are Disney. But the more they make movies like Zootopia and Ralph Breaks the Internet, the less faith I have in them. There’s nothing magical about virtue signaling, lots of pop culture references, poor friendships, and forced “poignant” moments.

I used to think Nick overreacted at Judy during the conference scene, but that changed late last year. My grandparents told me that I seemed smarter than most autistic people, being autistic myself. They laughed it off and said it was intended to be a compliment, but, secretly, I was deeply offended by it. I can now relate to Nick’s anger at Judy’s statement that he’s not like other predators.